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Pacific Northwest has beauty present at every glimpse of an eye.

Pacific Northwest is a cold place, with -17 degrees Celcius and snow. It is a beautiful hard place. So, if you are not winter-friendly, try to schedule your trip to Pacific Northwest in the summers. This might help you enjoy the surroundings at a temperature you won’t mind bearing.

If visiting in summer, you can roam through Willamette Valley’s lush vineyards in Orgena, or you can loiter through the Portland summer markets. You can also go to the glacier National and trek some snowy mountains. (You might even get some offers there, it heard they have different special coupons every season)

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While planning a trip in the winters, don’t forget to travel to those beautiful campervans. However, it’s not practical to travel in campervans during winters. If you have well planned and careful, you might experience one of the best trips if you rent a campervan.

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Why should you rent a campervan when travelling Pacific Northwest?

All the freedom you would get while travelling without thinking about where to rest, stopping wherever you want and admiring the beauty of the pacific northwest.

You can get one of these campervans from some places in San Francisco. (They have affordable campers with unlimited miles). These campers include beds with linen, kitchen kits, double burner stoves, a sink, storage space, a cooler and whatnot, depending on the vehicle you choose.

Remember to pack a snow chain if you are getting a camper for a winter ride. You might enjoy it, but it won’t be that fun if you get stuck in the snow.

So, you can start your journey from San Francisco to McMinnville for a week trip. Just like its name, the place is enjoyable. It would take around 9- 10 hours to reach, but it would be a fun ride. The hours won’t disturb you with all the beautiful scenery around you; the hours won’t disturb you. Also, you will be at your arrival within no time. You might even go to the Conservatory Bar with an ironic name because the bar is filled with no conservatory drink but incredible cocktails. (Remember to order a hot buttered rum, you won’t regret it). You can also visit Bitter Monk if you a beer fan and can end up at Red Hill’s Kitchen for your dinner.

Start your Journey

Next morning you can get ready and begin your journey to Portland from McMinnville. It will be approximately taken to 1-hour ride. You can also hit a cute coffee shop or Orgean’s Amazing wineries before starting your road flight to Portland.

Portland has its own coffee culture, so; you can grab some Cupa Joe and wander some more places while sipping coffee and getting your dinner at Pearl District. If you are fond of admiring beauties, remember to hit NW 13th. You would witness beautiful restored Deep red tall buildings.

If you rented a camper, you don’t worry else; you can get a place for the night in Portland to enjoy the beauty of Portland in the morning. (Portland winters are known to be wet so, remember to grab your waterproof jacket wherever you roam there.

Start your third DayDay in Portland with some coffee; if you are a cheese fan, you can start your morning entering Cheese Bar on SE Belmont Street paired with a glass of wine. (What a morning. right?) 

If you are into books, you are standing at the right place as there is the world’s largest independent bookstore, “Powell’s Books”, that you would love to visit. You can have your dinner at Pok Pok at the SE division.

On the 4th morning, you can start your journey from Portland to Seatle (the place that never sleeps), which would take you approx 3 hours long ride. Hit George Washington Bridge once you reach there; it is famous for ‘Fermont Troll” If you are a person who loves lights, you can head to Space needle around evening, and you would love the spot. (Remember, Parking is a nightmare in Seatle so, you can also look for a hostel or hotel for a good night)

 5th Day Day will be in Seatle; you can hit your morning at Cherry street for fantastic coffee and fresh pastries. You can visit the Pike place market(a place of all excellent seafood). With all this delicious food, don’t miss taking a walk to the Olympic Sculpture Park. Enjoy your evening there and have some dinner and get ready for Spokane.

6th morning, You can begin your journey from Seattle in the morning. It will take almost 6 hours to reach Spokane. You would have to take the way to Spokane to go to Glacier national park. Remember to drive safe as it will be snowy and cold. Hence, you might have to find an excellent warm cozy place for the night.

7th morning, you can start your adventure journey to Glaciar National park that will take you around 6-7 hours approx. The route to it is not that far but, the snow makes it delay. You will be in awe to see all your surroundings while you will be on the way to National Park. Get all the rest when you reach there and pack everything for the adventurous morning.

8th day morning, grab your essentials and hit the snowy mountains and start the trek that would leave you in astonishment because of the view. If you are a person who does not like much crowd while on vacation, this glacier will be the best spot for you.


Anywhere you plan a trip, you would have a great option of places to visit, restaurants where you want to try the food. Yet, it is impossible to be everywhere simultaneously, right? We have made a good list of places for you that might help you plan your trip to the Pacific Northwest.

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