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Travelling alone is peaceful. Once you get addicted to it, you would never want to go back. Travelling alone is helpful for an individual in numerous ways! You will in love with yourself. Staying alone for a while will make you take decisions that means it helps in problem-solving and decision making, and it is also suitable for mental health. With all these benefits of travelling alone, you would want to capture the moments and your pictures. While it might seem like a struggle to capture your photographs beautifully, there are so many ways you can try to catch the moments and yourself in them.

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Here are nine ways of how to capture memories traveling Solo- Do not worry about other people judging you!

People usually feel uncomfortable when everyone stares at them while taking selfies. But leaving a place filled with unforgettable moments and leaving it with no photos, that is not how you decided to spend your time here. So stop worrying about the strangers who keep on staring at you. You do not even know them! Enjoy your moment and capture them.

Write about your travelling in a travel journal.

Buy a travel journal. Writing on it physically trains the brain to feel the emotions while writing. Once you get used to writing a travel journal, you will regret not doing that even once you take off to a new place. It becomes a habit. You can write your travel journal in different that you like. It can be written as a whole journal. You can write just some memorable points, you can write about what you saw at other places you travelled, which you experienced while travelling. Looking back after years of making memories, it will feel adventurous to remember the old times!

Travel journal

Show up at the Right Time.

Having people around while taking pictures of yourself can be a little conscious. Show up early or show up late, when nobody is around, depending on the place. When nobody is around, you will feel more open and comfortable, and you will be able to take great pictures of yourself. It’s a bonus!

Timer and Multiple shots

No one use timers and multiple shots nowadays. This feature is long forgotten. But this an excellent way of getting amazing pictures of yourself! Set a timer in your camera and fix it somewhere on the uniform surface, or you can use a

tripod too! This feature is effortless and comfortable to use. Multiple shots will let you make numerous poses for multiple pictures. You can watch late which one turns out the best.

Level up your Camera

Take your photography to the next level with upgraded cameras. Use an advanced camera to take perfect and excellent pictures of yourself and the sights while travelling. The new cameras available in the market are wonderful and have unique features to make the images more beautiful and worth remembering. NIKON D7500 and CANON 80D are the two best cameras suggested by the travel bloggers.

Intervalometer/Timelapse Function

An intervalometer or time-lapse takes a photo of you every second or every two seconds, and you can try different poses in it. You should know while using this function, the phone and the camera lose signal if you take them far away. If you want your picture to be tinier in the photo, then time-lapse is the right choice.

You can ask a stranger to take your photos.

Kindly ask your guide, tourist, or local people to take your photo. People who travel alone and get the best pictures of themselves do not travel a photographer with themselves hile it may seem like, but that is not true. Be kind and ask them politely.

Instax Camera is love!!

Instax cameras have the power to make anyone feel nostalgic instantly! Looking back at the old memories in the polaroids, remembering the adventure, fun, fear, and emotions is lovely. It gives memory to recognise, but you can also gift your memories to the new people you meet. You can make the most of your cameras. Be inspired and start clicking.

Be Inspired and Prepared

Scroll through Instagram, travel blogs, or Pinterest to find something inspirational from other travel photos. Get the basic idea of what you like and dislike, what kind of shots you prefer, solo images or group photos, vertical or landscape. There are so many aspects to look at to know your style and preferences. You will get ideas of different poses, angles, shots and take photos to add interest.

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Travelling alone is beneficial in so many ways that you never even thought of. It gives you inner peace, self-confidence, self-love, discipline, and also it is suitable for mental health. But while travelling, capturing the travel memories is the only thing one can think of non-stop. You can capture yourself and your favourite moments with the help of these ways-

  • Don’t worry about people judging you.
  • Write a travel journal.
  • Show up at the right time.
  • Timer and Multiple shots.
  • Instax Camera.
  • Advance Camera
  • Intervalometer/ Time-lapse function
  • Ask a stranger to take your photos.
  • Be inspired and prepared.

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