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Lake Tahoe, North America’s largest raised lake, is a brilliant blue lake nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. Sand Harbor’s eastern sides have gently slanting seashores, clear water, and unique stone developments that make swimming, kayaking, and scuba diving brilliant. Boaters, water-skiers, and anglers can launch from one of the recreation area’s two inclines. Guests seeking a peaceful respite from the surf and sun can enjoy a picnic in the shade of cedars and Jeffrey pines at one of the several locations equipped with grills and tables. The Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival takes place in late April at the recreation area.

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Travel the East Shore Express to Sand Harbor

Sand Harbor admission is not authorized by strolling – Sand Harbor admission has been prohibited since 2012. The main reason for this change in an arrangement is that people feel better. Because of Sand Harbor’s fame, the recreation area’s parking lot frequently fills up ahead of schedule during the summer (see the segment underneath about stopping). People were stopping along Highway 28 and walking down the narrow street to get to the recreation area. There are no pedestrian walkways, and summer traffic is heavy, making the journey hazardous for pedestrians and automobiles. At Sand Harbor, drop-offs and stops are prohibited on the freeway. The no-stopping zone extends 3/4 mile in both directions from the Sand Harbor’s main entrance. Individuals that ignore this zone will be mentioned. When the parking lot is entire, visitors should take the East Shore Express from Incline Village to get into the recreation area. From June 15-16 and June 22-23, the bus will only run-on weekends, after which it will run every day from June 29 through September 2, 2019. From 10 – 7 in the day, busy times are consistent. The cost is $3.00 per person, with $1.50 being charged for children under 12, seniors, and the disabled. Admission to Sand Harbor is included in the toll. Is it a good idea for you to secure a parking spot at Sand Harbor? The fee is $10 for Nevada residents and $12 for out-of-state visitors.

The historic grade school at Tahoe and Southwood Boulevards serves as the Incline Village pickup location. It is possible to stop for free. At Sand Harbor, passengers are dropped off at the Visitor’s Center near the primary ocean side. The Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) will host a course from Reno/Sparks (Outlets at Sparks) to Sand Harbor at the end of the week.

Take a Quick Look at Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park

Although Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park is governed as a separate entity inside the recreation area structure, it encompasses three different sporting facilities: Sand Harbor, the Spooner Backcountry, and Cave Rock. They combine to make Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park, one of Nevada’s 23 state parks, one of the most unique and diverse. Sand Harbor has a fascinating history that dates back to Native Americans who took advantage of the abundant resources in the area. Sand Harbor was put to various uses after the arrival of the white man, and it passed through a few different landlords. Nevada finally obtained approximately 5,000 acres of land, and Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park was established in 1971.

Sand Harbor Beach

Places to Visit and Things to Do at Sand Harbor

Sand Harbor offers a variety of family-friendly athletic activities, including ocean swimming, a boat launch, picnicking, group use areas, climbing, watercraft rentals and visits, and restrooms. The Sand Harbor visitor centre features a gift shop, regional facts, and Lake Tahoe presentations. A food concession, lunchroom, and hidden seating area are available throughout the mid-year months. Camping is not permitted at Sand Harbor or any other seashore within the leisure area. Pets are not allowed in this 55-acre part of Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park, and glass holders are not permitted on the beach.

Sand Harbor has an additional $12 from April 15 to October 15 and $7 from October 16 to April 14. Nevada residents receive a $2 discount. Based on future events, charges are subject to change, so check the Nevada State Parks Fee Schedule for the most up-to-date information. Sand Harbor Visitor Center (Sand Harbor Visitor Center): A souvenir shop, informative exhibitions, and information about the space are all part of the Sand Harbor visitor centre. There’s a café with food and drinks, as well as a hidden terrace where you may eat and relax.

Swimming Beaches

The beaches at Sand Harbor are among the most beautiful along the entire Lake Tahoe coastline. The main oceanside area is a long, southwest-facing sand bow with plenty of family room. The water is shallow and clear, giving it an ideal location for youngsters to play and enjoy a day at the beach in safety. Around Memorial Point, there are other, more isolated seashores, but they are all a bit of a walk from the shopping area. There is an oceanside guard on duty from Memorial Day through Labour Day.

Climbing Paths

Sand Harbor has two built-in climbing trails. Climbers can travel from Sand Harbor to Memorial Point through the Sand Harbor to Memorial Point Trail, which leads to various seashores and inlets. The Sand Point Nature Trail contains explanatory signs, offers breath taking views of Lake Tahoe, and is wheelchair accessible.

Gathering Area

The gathering area may accommodate up to 100 people. It has a covered gathering area with electricity, tables, running water, and a large grill. As it stands, the meeting area is only available via reservation. Download the reservation form for the gathering region and complete it ahead of time so you’re prepared when contacting or making a face-to-face reservation.

Boat Launch

There are two slopes, moorings, and a stopping area at the boat launch. All boats should be inspected before being sent out to ensure free of invasive species such as Zebra and Quagga mussels. Ensure you understand how to check a ship and send it off to know what to expect. The Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park website recommends that boaters stop filling up from the start of the summer weekends. The boat send-off office is open from 6 a.m. until 8 p.m. It is open from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays during the winter (October 1 through April 30). Because activities are dependent on the weather, hours may alter, or the office may close temporarily due to inclement weather.

Sand Harbor Rentals

It is a private concessionaire shop near the boat launch area in a white tent. Our available rentals are single and tandem kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and individual boats. They also provide guided kayak tours and paddleboard demonstrations. Because Sand Harbor is so famous in the late spring, bookings for Sand Harbor Rentals are strongly advised. Impromptu phone reservations are not accepted, but you might get lucky just by showing there.

Sand Harbor Hassles and Hazards

Because of Sand Harbor’s prevalence, the most difficult challenge is stopping. According to the recreation area’s website, parking lots are frequently total from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on summer weekends and non-weekend days in July and August. The stopping fee is $10 for Nevada residents and $12 for non-residents. Sand Harbor offers relatively little shade, yet Lake Tahoe is at an elevation of 6200 feet. The sun is scorching at that hour, and you’ll burn quickly if you don’t have plenty of sunscreen or clothing to cover exposed skin. Make sure to keep a close eye on your children while playing near the water. There are no sharp drops, but Lake Tahoe is always cold and can cause hypothermia if people stay in too long.

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