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There are more than one guy-made beaches to visit around Key Largo, offering lovely stretches of sand on which to loosen up and revel in the sunshine. Some seashores are personal and best available to visitors of certain lodges or lodges, whilst others are completely open to the general public. Here are some more information and overviews of the fine seashores around Key Largo. Certain sights may be temporarily closed or require advance reservations. Some restaurants are currently offering pickup best. Hours/availability may also have changed.

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1. Far Beach

Arguably the maximum famous seaside at Key Largo, Far Beach is located by Mile Marker one hundred twenty inside the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. Two public seashores can be located on this park, with Far Beach being the higher-known option. Guests’ toes will sink into the gentle, heat sands of this seaside as they stroll along and the encompassing palm trees offer satisfactory little spots of color.

The water at this Key Largo seashore is specifically warm and shallow, best for paddling or swimming with youngsters. Since this seashore is part of the Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, snorkeling and diving are very famous on Far Beach too, so this is a prime spot for any Key Largo visitors seeking to do a little underwater exploration.

2. Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach is the second one of the two beaches in Kohn Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park and is some other first-rate seaside to visit in Key Largo. Visitors to this seashore will at once understand how it earned its name: actual, seventeenth century cannons can be determined sitting along the sand and supplying a unique historic facet to this Florida Key beach.

Like Far Beach, Cannon Beach has warm, shallow waters which might be very calm and perfect for casual swimming or snorkeling. Even non-swimmers might be capable of admire these waters and without a doubt stroll alongside the brink of the seaside, admiring tropical fish and other exciting marine lifestyles. Experienced divers, in the meantime, can swim a bit methods out to sea to discover an old Spanish shipwreck under the surface.

3. Public seashore near me: Harry Harris Park

Located in Tavernier, Harry Harris Park beach is a actually fantastic spot for families and organizations of pals to spend some time in Key Largo. This region isn’t just a seashore, it is a complete park whole with play areas for youngsters, bike trails, pavilions, toilets, public showers, a boat ramp, a picnic area, and even a tidal pool for more youthful visitors to experience.

Harry Harris Park is completely free to enter if you visit all through the week and open all day long. A skate park, basketball fields, and swimming pool also can be observed not too a long way away in Founders Park, making Harry Harris one of the pinnacle spots to visit in case you’re looking for a full day of amusing in Key Largo.

4. Anne’s Beach

If you’re searching out a terrific seashore right by Key Largo however now not simply on the key itself, Anne’s Beach is one of the prettiest spots inside the place. Named in honor of eco-warrior Anne Eaton, this beach is outfitted out with a beautiful boardwalk, a comfortable set of picnic tables, a designated swimming location, and a few very calm, shallow water that is perfectly suitable for people of all ages and swimming capabilities to experience.

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