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Oak Street Beach is at 1000 N. Lake Shore Drive, near the Gold Coast/Street Erville areas, between Oak Street and Lake Michigan. This well-known summer destination provides beach visitors with amenities such as seat rentals, food and drink options at Oak Street Beach Café, bicycle rentals, volleyball rentals, bathrooms, and a spectacular view of the city skyline. This beach hosts a few well-known novices and expert volleyball competitions throughout the late spring. Swimming is possible for a long distance along the shore from Division Street to the Chess Pavilion (20 yards west of the floats).

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There is an ADA-accessible beach walk. There is a restricted road stop nearby. Jeff Zimmermann created a painting titled “You Know What You Should Do” in 2011, and it is located along a divider that runs parallel to the Lakefront Trail and serves as a passageway to the Oak Street Beach underpass. The painting, which measures approximately 260 feet long and 9 feet tall at its tallest point, aids in bringing to light issues concerning beach wellbeing and water quality. Its message encourages people to help keep the seashore clean by not littering and caring for natural life. The assignment was financed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Great Lakes Restoration Initiative grant. According to studies, seagull faeces may contribute to swimming boycotts. Taking care of the birds and littering attracts seagulls to the beach.

Sandy Beaches

Don’t be surprised if you see people in bathing suits on The Magnificent Mile. They’re almost certainly going to one of the city’s many free attractions. The lakeside seashores! Not far from 360, I discovered a small portion of a mile. CHICAGO – Oak Street Beach, located along Lake Shore Drive, has long been known as one of the city’s most famous beach attractions. This beach is clamouring for swimming and sunbathing, and it is a famously trendy Chicago spot to see and be seen.

North Avenue Beach, just north of Oak Street, is another genuine “metropolitan beach” overseen by the Chicago Park District, perceived by the massive “transport” filling in as a café and storage house. The goal is a top choice among locals who live nearby and guests. Oak Street Beach and North Avenue Beach are ideal stops for sun and fun on the water after a day of shopping or touring. Food, beverages, and volleyball matches can all be found along this incredible stretch of sand and pathways that line Lake Shore Drive.

Things To Do

Enjoy the View

Any beach along Chicago’s lakefront offers a spectacular view, but Oak Street Beach is genuinely exceptional. From the sandy beach, you can gaze out at the city’s breath-taking horizon, including the Drake Hotel and the Hancock Building. Every year, the city imports palm trees and plants them along Oak Street Beach. As you relax, take in the views of the palm trees, the brilliant blue water, and the numerous boats skimming through the water.

Get Some Exercise

If your energy levels prevent you from relaxing in the sun, take advantage of the numerous wellness options available near the ocean. A cleared path surrounds the beach’s edge, providing beachgoers with an ideal location for running, strolling, cycling, and rollerblading. Tread carefully, as the trail is frequently littered with other people who are not interested in their health.

Play a Friendly Game

Volleyball nets are dispersed along the beach, making the sandy game a well-known movement. Be considerate of the other volleyball fan waiting for a turn. If volleyball isn’t your thing, try throwing a Frisbee with a couple of friends or observing one of the implicit chessboard tables for a mentally stimulating game. Although you’ll need to bring your chess pieces, it’s a lot better than playing the game inside.

Dine With a View

Assume you’re looking for something a little more substantial than a quick bite from the food vendors, head over to the Oak Street Beachstro. The Beachstro, located on Oak Street Beach’s southern end, serves a breakfast buffet, a packed lunch and dinner menu, a kids’ menu, and a stocked bar. Whatever your food preferences are, the Beachstro will ensure that you are satisfied as you enjoy the views.


One of Chicago’s most well-known beaches, Oak Street Beach, is frequently crowded with visitors during the warm and sunny seasons. Overall, it’s turned into a haven for people-watching. Oak Street Beach is sure to please, regardless of whether you prefer to gaze at sun-kissed sunbathers or take in the view of conditioned and tanned wellness fans.

Watch the Air and Water Show

It only happens once a year. The Chicago Air and Water Show remains one of the city’s most well-known attractions. Although North Avenue Beach serves as the show’s focal point, the incredible sea-going and airborne tricks should be visible from any beach along the waterfront. The event dates are subject to change, but the Air and Water Show is usually held at the end of the week in August.

The best time to visit Chicago

The best time to visit Chicago, according to the weather, is between April and June, when the spring season arrives after a long, cold winter. Another famous time to visit Chicago is between September and November, when the fall foliage is the peak, and the weather is ideal for outdoor activities. During these seasons, you will also find a plethora of comprehensive developments and local celebrations in the city. Mid-year (June to August) is more well-known among Chicago vacationers than winter (November to March). However, loading up and lodging rates can be exceptionally high in the middle of the year, and travellers may encounter incredible limits on inns amid the colder season.

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