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However, Miami and the Bahamas are two different worlds. The Bahamas is popular for its tropical climate, delightful seafood, and many world’s wonderful beaches. Visitors can enjoy a day trip to the Bahamas from Miami by plane or boat. The distance between the two is 292km.

Recently, trips from Miami to the Bahamas became more famous as the visitors who come to visit the cultural spots of Florida, Cuba, and the Turks and Caicos Islands also wish to enjoy the tropical and mesmerizing climate of the Bahamas.

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Explore – The Bahamas

The Bahamas is commonly known as the commonwealth of the Bahamas, is an archipelago combined with over 700 islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The Bahamas is full of landscaped beaches, rum, cocktails, sun, sea, and water activities. But when we talk about the local population, they are still living on each of the islands. Most of the population is of Afro-Bahamians because of the African traditions. Tourism plays a magnificent role in the economy of the Bahamas.

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Excitement About Miami to the Bahamas Trip!

Miami is absolutely a colorful, cheering, and cultural gem of America’s Southern States and an amazing holiday destination.  However, booking a trip to the Bahamas from Miami will bring your trip to another world. Relaxing on colorful beaches, calming your mind in quiet and deserted corners. The culture and traditional heritage of the island attract tourists to visit the place. The tourist enjoys the music, eccentric art, and cuisines from the island.

How to go to the Bahamas from Miami?

Not much time is consumed during the travel to the islands. One can go by boat or plane. Ferries and freeport from Miami take around 2.5 hours to reach. You are left with six hours to explore the jungles, restaurants, and casinos of Grand Bahamas. Planes are more convenient if one wishes to see multiple islands and if you have an overload selection of activities to do.

Tour by boat

There are a lot of companies that take on Miami to the Bahamas day trip by boat on the most popular destination freeport. If you love water, here is an opportunity to experience a cruise trip that offers luxury and services onboard. The very known service offering a day trip is Balearia Caribbean. It takes only three hours and 20 minutes to reach. While on a cruise will be provided with a café, duty-free shopping, a bar, and free WIFI. After returning to Miami either they will drop you at the Miami beach or might provide shuttle services to the downtown hotels. Ferry cruises are normally a more reasonable option. The cost by boat will be around 100 dollars for each way.

Tour by Air

It is more convenient and time-saving to go by plane. Air travels provide one-day outings from Miami that obtains you to island-hop by boat once you reach your destination. By saving time by plane you can explore green turtle cay, manjack cay, and no name cay all in one wonderful day. One can also book packages for snorkeling, enjoying sand bars, and witnessing wildlife. Private charters are also available for small groups on request. The tour by air will be expensive, yet entrance to all the activities will be included with a local guide and cost you around 500 to 1000 dollars.

Exploring the Islands

Overall 700 islands are making the Bahamas. You can explore as many islands you wish. Some of the amazing islands that you must explore.

  • New Providence and the capital Nassau

Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas, located on the island of providence and directly east of the Florida Keys. The capital is famous for its folk arts and crafts. Nassau also conducts a sparkling parade with a colorful junkanoo festival that occurs three times a year. The best location for tourists is cable beach. Here the nightlife is peaceful but a day trip to the Bahamas from Miami offers luxury hotels, beach sands, restaurants, and casinos.

  • Grand Bahamas-

This island is considered the heart of the area, as it is the most attractive spot for tourists. This is the place where the ferry drops the boat from Miami, making it the most convenient place to visit. The island offers local shopping markets, go for snorkeling, water sports, explore the jungle, see a sensational waterfall, and swim with dolphins.

  • The out Islands

A 100 miles string of islands is called out islands. This consists of 12 islands- Bimini, Berry Island, and Rose Island. Here you will witness calmness, less crowd, and a magical Bahamian experience. Both the cruise and plane day trips from Miami are possible. You can see those pigs swimming, they often romp in shallow waters. The island is also famous as pigs island.

Pigs island- The BAHAMAS

There are many ways that you can plan a trip to the Bahamas from Miami. In a short period, you will explore an all-new country and culture. This trip can be your best memories with your loved ones. Just one day and explore the most amazing tourist spot in the world.

source: Bahamas.com

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