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After a stressful week or a month, if you need a vacation to lighten your mood and have some leisure time with nature, you should consider Kayaking. A sport generally regarded as dangerous by the masses (dependent on where you choose to get on the Kayak). It is a great way to connect with nature and experience it from a whole new perspective. If you are an adventurer, an adrenaline junky, or simply looking forward to exploring new places and spending some time in the water. This might be for you. Other than these traditional reasons for you to take your Kayak out. You can also use it if you like fishing and want to explore the waters for that perfect spot to spend a peaceful day fishing. We have brought you a list of places for Kayaking in the USA from Alaska to Florida. Therefore, ranging from skull bashing currents to soothing waters.

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Colorado River, Arizona

If you are looking for an adrenaline rush to remember throughout your life. The Colorado River might be the best place for you; always in turmoil with great currents (relatively calm in Arizona). But it won’t be safe if you are inexperienced with Kayak. As handing yourself into the mighty river can be a tough nut to crack. The river stretches almost 1450 miles and passes through seven states. It truly is an example of the power of nature, and Kayaking in such a place can be a great experience. In addition, being surrounded by the grand canyon and a clear blue sky filled with birds at all times is a treasure to cherish.

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Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska 

If you seek a beautiful place to enjoy a peaceful time and gain some insight into the activities of nature. Alaska is the place you should consider. Alaska has already known as a jewel; most of the beauty is because of waters. There can be no better way to experience it than being in the waters on your Kayak. Along with some beautiful creatures of the Animal Kingdom like the orca, humpback whales, puffins and sea lions.

Lake Tahoe, Nevada

The largest freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada has known for its crystal clear and calm waters straddling the border of California to Nevada. A great destination to start Kayaking with a friendly coach to guide you through the basics of Kayaking and rental Kayaks available to facilitate you in having a good time o the waters. The crystal clear water can be a great place to spend your time actively paddling in the lake. Moreover, the best part is that you can choose to enter the lake on either the Californian side of the lake or the Nevada side as per your convenience. The trip to the lake gets even better when green trees and mountains Surround when you are in the lake. Yet, it doesn’t end here as you can complete your day watching a beautiful sunset and a clear sky filled with stars.

Gauley River, West Virginia

If you are an expert Kayaker looking for your dose of adrenaline in a beautiful place. The Gauley River in West Virginia has to be a place on your bucket list. This is considered one of the best places for Kayaking in the USA. West Virginia is a place filled with beautiful mountains. The beauty is enhanced even more with the fall and during the fall. The place also attracts a whole bunch of adventures as the Summersville Dam releases water during this time, creating currents that give the expert Kayakers a time that they can enjoy and fulfil their adventure requirements. The 105-mile long river and adventure also offer scenic beauties as it connects with many rivers along its course.

San Juan Islands, Washington

On the off chance that ocean life is what you look for, head to the San Juan Islands in Washington. Situated close to the U.S.- Canada line, this series of islands is home to orca whale cases lasting through the year. In addition, it’s known for standard sightings of ocean lions, seals, dolphins, and otters. You can book anything from a half-day to a multiday kayaking trip around the islands. Yet, we propose giving yourself time to investigate the more modest islands off Lopez Island. Along with, paddle through the secured waters around Orcas Island, and take a stab at recognizing an occupant orca case off San Juan Island.

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