Are you planning to visit Red Ice House?

In the late afternoon at Shem Creek’s Red’s Ice House in Mount Pleasant, it’s time to sit on the terrace or under the indoor bar and grab a bite of buffalo or coconut prawns, or maybe Ice House wings and a hamburger, while sipping Sunset’s cold or signature beer. Margarita Red. 

If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of dolphins or even a manatee gliding through the calm waters of the stream. “We like to think that Red’s has a bit of a Key West bar right here in Mount Pleasant, easy and carefree,” said Dianna Crowley, who owns Reds with her husband, Cecil. “I don’t think you could be in a nicer place with Shem Creek, wildlife in the river, beautiful sunsets and the ability to be on the water yet protected when the weather isn’t as good. .” 


Red’s Ice House integrates into the local community in a tangible and comforting way. The plant can be traced back to Lewis Hughes “Red” Simmons, born in Mount Pleasant as a shrimp farmer and fisherman in his early years. Simmons Family Pier was built in 1957 as a packing house for local shrimpers.

Red wants to turn his old refrigerator and fish into a public place by the sea. The Crawleys joined the ranks of managing partners shortly after Red’s igloo opened at Red’s former factory 10 years ago. In the end, they bought the restaurant, breathing new life and life into it, closely connected to the natural environment and culture of Mount Pleasant, old and new.    

“What sets us apart is that we do as much as we can in-house, like using freshly squeezed lemonade, making our own dips and sauces, and buying local produce and seafood,” Crowley said. She and her husband founded and operated the Wild Wing Café before selling the business and focusing on Reds. 

Why is Red Ice House worth visiting?

Recognized as the best bar in South Carolina and one of the top 50 bars in America by BuzzFeed and Foursquare, Red’s has attracted loyal customers who enjoy late-night lunches, dinners or snacks, liquid snacks and musical entertainment. “The real centre of our business is our local customers. They make us work when the flow of tourists is low,” Crowley said.    

This summer, Red’s will focus more on local produce, with new drinks reflecting Red’s unique nature and location in Shem Creek. As part of the clean water initiative, Crush Cocktails will include crushed ice and freshly squeezed fruit juices in partnership with Finlandia Vodka.  

Where is it located?

If you’re looking for a casual spot to enjoy cold, fresh local seafood and a frosty brew while taking in the view of lovely Charleston vistas, Red’s Ice House is the perfect spot. Located on historic Shem Creek, Red’s is filled with live local wildlife and is close to great attractions in Mt. Pleasant.

According to Crowley, the plans also include a “signature” event – a cardboard boat race passing Shem Creek and finishing at Red. “We want to create an annual event that will help achieve the goals set by Red Simmons. We hope to make this a fun day where people of all ages can come and have fun, raise money for the local community and show their pride. Be part of Mount Pleasant,” he added.

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