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This piece of paradise overlooking the Atlantic offers enough space to explore the coast, play frisbee or football on the sand, or paddle in the crystal clear waters. If you’re a surfboard fanatic, you’ll be pleased to know that Good Harbor Beach is one of the best places to catch a wave in Gloucester. With soft sand under your toes, even while swimming outdoors, if you get blown away by the wind, your fall will likely be cushioned by the sandy bottom.   

Whether you’re a local looking to spend a day at the beach or a few days in Gloucester, make sure Good Harbour Beach is on your must-see list. To help you make the most of your day at the beach, we’ve compiled a handy guide. Here’s our complete guide to Good Harbour Beach, Gloucester, MA and everything you need to know about this beautiful gem. The best way to get to Woodhaven Beach is by car. Enter the address and postcode below into your sat navigator or Google Maps and follow the directions to this unspoiled beach.  

If you’re driving from Boston to Gloucester, it’s about 26 miles from the city and a 45-minute drive, so be sure to head to your local Dunkin to fill up before your trip. Keep in mind that parking will be fast, so if you want to find a good spot, arrive early and ideally at 8:00. The Good Harbor Beach car park will close at 21:00 and will be closed, so check the schedule if you are late.    

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The beauty of Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester, Massachusetts, is that you can walk out onto Salt Island at low tide, and if you don’t like it, the Annisquam River offers to the right of the beach a great spot to explore the saltwater. Estuary and hunting for lemon creatures in the rocks. With many amenities such as toilets and showers, this is the perfect place for a long day with family or friends by the sea.

Are there any nearby food joints?

 If you get hungry after walking along the coast, there is a place where you can buy snacks and drinks. Dip into burgers, chicken rolls, fried cheese and ice cream, then wash it down with your favourite granita. If you’re bringing snacks to the beach, follow Gloucester’s Carry-In Carry Out policy and keep the beach pristine all year round.    

Where is the parking space?

 Parking is available but limited at Good Harbor Beach, and there is also a charge of $30 per vehicle. This price may increase slightly, up to $35, on weekends and holidays.    

If you have a beach resident sticker, the good news is that you can park at Good Harbor Beach for free. 

Can you take your furry friend to Good Harbor?

 The answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no. 

From October to March (off-season), they can explore the white sands and crystal clear waters of Good Harbor Beach with you, but from April 1st to October 1st, you’ll need to leave your dog at home. Gloucester’s beaches become virtual dog playgrounds with plenty of room for a sneaky game of fetch in the off-season.


Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester, Massachusetts, was once a humble fishing village. With the development of Harbor Beach and the construction of the famous boardwalk at the end of Beach Road in the 1870s, this place of natural beauty became more popular as a place for rowing, play and exploration. Salt Island was home to the Parsons Lobster Company and was later used to film a Fox Film movie called Bride 13. This story of piracy, kidnapping, and deceit led to constructing a castle on the island to film the final explosion scene. Unfortunately, the film did not make much impression on the audience and is considered a failure.    

Whether you’re sunbathing in the summer or paddling boldly in the off-season, after a few hours at the beach, it’s time to explore the area and take a stroll around the city. 

This is the perfect place to find hidden treasures or unique gifts for that special someone. Alternatively, you can visit the Cape Ann Museum to travel back in time while learning about the area’s history and heritage and admiring the museum’s fine art collection. If you like a drink or two, you can also choose to visit the local craft distillery, the first legal distillery on the North Shore since Prohibition. Learn how spirits are crafted, fermented, distilled and barreled.    

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