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In any part of the country, a retirement house with water views is not cheat beach. In any event, there are a few places where you can retire near a lake, canal, or stream without blowing your retirement budget. Sailing, fishing, swimming, and other open-air sporting activities are all available at these locations. According to a U.S. News analysis of Census Bureau data, these retirement destinations also offer affordable housing expenses, a decent average cost for essential products, and other amenities that retirees require, such as access to medical care.

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For any of the retirement obstacles listed below, you should be able to continue living a reasonably happy life for $1,300 for one person, $2,500 for a couple, with enough money left over to visit the grandchildren a few times a year. This is by no means a complete list, so if you need more, do some digging, but here are ten countries with express seashore reservations where you can resign on government-backed retirement checks alone overseas or abroad. Take a look at these good resigning locations on the water.


Although living in a massive metropolis by the sea isn’t cheap, accommodation in certain parts of the Miami metro district can be affordable. This Atlantic seaside city’s median monthly property cost is $1,774 for a house with a mortgage and $1,295 for a lease. From the underdeveloped Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park to the wealthy South Beach, Miami offers a diverse beach experience. Senior citizens and Social Security recipients are eligible to take the bus for free in Miami-Dade, which helps to cut costs. The mild winters in this tropical city on Florida’s southern edge make it easy to enjoy the beach throughout the year.

Miami beach

Cartagena, Colombia

Living in Cartagena is like always going on a tropical Caribbean vacation. Carousers, history lovers, and outdoor fans all fall under this category. At around $30 for each expedition, the swimming and scuba diving are top-notch. The city’s most noteworthy neighborhood is a historical center of Spanish Colonial engineering. And a giant walking path runs through it all down to the main harbor. The nightlife in Colombia is as wild as you’d imagine, and an all-nighter will set you back over $100 if you do it correctly. Party hard and worry not; medical services in Cartagena are startlingly affordable, with large clinics and comprehensive health care coverage for less than $50 per month.

Cartagena beach , Colombia

Coos Bay, Oregon

While North Coast cities like Cannon Beach will get much of the attention when it comes to Oregon, Coos Bay has some of the most beautiful beaches in the state. Sunset Bay State Park is surrounded by beautiful precipices. Along with miles of climbing routes leading to breathtaking viewpoints overlooking the separated bay and the Pacific past. Coos Bay is also on the southern border of the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. It is home to incredible natural wonders such as a couple of 500-foot-tall ridges. Head into town and visit 7 Devils Brewing, whose nutty Lighthouse Session pale beer is as well suited to a bright summer day as it is to a sideways windstorm in the winter.

Coos Bay beach, Oregon

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach is almost surrounded by water, with the Atlantic Ocean, Chesapeake Bay, and a few canals and lakes. The many hotels in the area cater to tourists. Yet the reasonable lodging costs may allow retired people to stay all year. A property with a mortgage costs an average of $1,688 per month. If you lease, the price decreases to $1,154 per month. Seashore sports are well known, and the city hosts a horseback riding championship and a seashore soccer tournament. You can also go freshwater or surf fishing at the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge or explore First Landing State Park, where English homesteaders arrived in 1607.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Ko Samui, Thailand

If being near a palm-fringed seashore with alfresco fish cafés where you can eat nicely for under $10 is your idea of heaven, fly to Ko Samui and figure out where to hang your sun cap. There are many seashores to visit in this country, but Ko Samui isn’t a party utopia for twenty-year-olds. It has built restrictions and a much better foundation than most. The visa restrictions in Thailand are constantly changing. But it is far easier for retired people to stay nearby than for younger people going through the motions. You’ll need to deposit some money in a Thai bank or buy a townhouse to get started. Examine the overall requirements here, and then work diligently to resolve the current situation.

Ko Samui beach, Thailand

Jacksonville, Florida

The most populated city in Florida is also one of the fastest-growing countries, with 90,000 additional residents in the last decade. Jacksonville is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and offers 22 miles of sandy beach. Nearly a quarter-mile from the beach, the Jacksonville Beach Pier loosens up. The St. Johns River runs through the city’s heart, providing opportunities for drifting and freshwater fishing. With a home loan, owning a home in Jacksonville costs an average of $1,427 per month. Or you may lease for an average of $1,059 per month.

Jacksonville beach, Florida

Port Arthur, Texas

Investing in a Port Arthur seashore property is a lot wiser investment than anything ending in “coin”. As the cost of a midrange home in this town has nearly doubled in the last several years. Overall, the mystery surrounding this friendly neighborhood on Sabine Lake, just across the border into Louisiana, has been solved. The small oil town has some drawbacks, including contamination from the treatment facility. Still, it is surrounded by five secure areas, including the Texas Point National Wildlife Refuge and Sea Rim State Park. With so little in the way of nightlife and diversions, end-of-week crashes in Houston will not exceed two hours.

Port Arthur beach, Texas

Taghazout, Morocco

Thanks to its lightning-fast web connection and proximity to Western Europe. Morocco has become a popular destination for business professionals looking to cut personal costs to boost their tech ventures. Lease plus a stylish collaborating space will cost around $500/month together. So you won’t be trapped looking for a buyout from your coastal mansion all the time. Taghazout has also established itself as one of the unrivalled North Atlantic surf towns, with locals transporting sheets through Middle Eastern markets like organic product bins.

Taghazout beach, Morocco

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