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Traveling solo has its charm. As the list goes on, you are on your own and just exploring places and cities and admiring their beauty, capturing it, meeting people, sharing experiences, and whatnot.

So, if you are a solo traveler just like me and planning a solo trip to the U.S.A., I have something for you that might help you. After some deep research, we have come up with the best places you can visit in the U.S.A., especially if you are travelling solo.

Let’s get you well prepared for the places before you pack your bags to visit them. 

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First, we have, obviously, New York. Home to everyone as it carries specialities for every individual. It is one place with all the charms in it. From a couple of trips to a solo trip, everyone can find their escape in New York. It has things for people with any budget trip with outstanding transportation that will help you explore more. This city has so many places to explore and visit that can make you want to be in New York for your whole vacation.

Next, we have Portland, Oregon. With the best wineries to the crazy hippie culture. It is a spot for you to meet new people and enjoy to the fullest in this solo trip. This place can never bore you. You explore, and you get more beauty to explore. The gorgeous Japanese garden they have can leave you in awe, and remember to plan a trip in autumn if you are planning for Portland as you will get to witness the best beautiful views there.

Washington DC is also somewhere you might love to travel solo. With all American history, museums, galleries, you would learn a lot from there while exploring; it is indeed a beautiful place to visit.

If not there, I guess Seatle would be the best spot for you. Did you know? Secretary Seatle is a place that never sleeps. Seatle has great night and days to offer you. With all that good coffee and fantastic music taste. Seatle might be a ‘ take a break’ solo trip. The city never fails to impress its tourists. Also, it is not that big of a town that will help you cover the whole area on your trip.

Next, we have this fantastic beautiful city, Nashville. If you one of those music lovers, trust me, you would love this place. It’s a gem southern U.S.A. has within it.

Next, we have the place where every solo traveller should visit once San Francisco, CA. Wander around the famous Golden gate bridge, or if you are a shopping geek, Visit Haight Ashbury, the best place for vintage items you would found.

Meeting new people and sharing new journeys is what we solo travellers seek, right? Then New Orleans is the spot for your trip this time. They have French quarter, sooo beautiful; you can do one of those mardi gras adventures too there(its a lot of fun, it heard)

Although it is not one of the safest city, I guess solo travellers know their way out and in things because the more you explore, you learn.

If you are one ski-lover, Boulder, Colorado, is the place for you. This place has more College community, so you know it would be a fun place. With great huge adorable mountains around you, you would have a great time there.

Southern U.S.A. has its beauty, and from there, we have for you, Charleston, South Carolina. This place has the best hospitality you would ever get, and with all the histories they have, it is the place to adore. If you are looking for peace and meditation this trip, then Charleston is the best for you.

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Austin, Texas, is a place with all unique festivals for everyone.  You can visit it any time of the year as it has so many events and festivals going on and you can not not have fun in Austin.

Next, we have America’s Finest place, San Diego, California; this place has many beautiful places, ranging from amazing beautiful beaches to breweries and outstanding views.

Last but, not least we have Orlando, Florida. If you are fond of theme parks, this place is for you. With great weather all 12 months, this place has its charm. (Remember to visit Universal Studios Resort, Orlando, you won’t want to miss it)

It is hard to cover every place when you are on vacation, and that is why we should never stop exploring this big world we live in. These are some of the best options if you are planning a solo trip to the U.S.A. We have so much more to visit that we do not even know. Let us keep exploring and keep learning.

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