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New York City has a long and rich history of creativity and cultural production, so its five boroughs have an almost limitless amount of fun to do and see. Brooklyn has become a new hub for emerging New York City street art artists, making it the perfect destination for Brooklyn photography.    

One of our new favourite Brooklyn Instagram spots and photos in Brooklyn is a giant mural by London artist Camilla Valal in Industry City in Sunset Park. Another great photo in Brooklyn and one of the best Instagram spots in New York is from the rooftop of the New York Time Out Market in the Empire Stores building mentioned above. We would dare to say that this is a good place on Instagram and New York, as the skyline looks really cool from this platform and screams New York with the train in the foreground. If you are lucky enough to see these yellow taxis in the photo, you get a super-iconic image of New York City. 

 the best Newyork aesthetics

Plan your photo spots in Brooklyn and Instagram spots in Brooklyn so you can be here at sunset for a magical and unforgettable sunset photo overlooking the New York skyline. You will also get a bird’s eye view of the city from above – certainly one of the most famous views in the world.    

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On its five floors, you’ll find endless possibilities for great photographs, but we think the most scenic spot in the houses is its majestic central staircase. For this reason, this recording studio is one of New York’s most creative Instagram photography ideas – an opportunity to get in touch with the city’s thriving music scene. In fact, to believe in its unique aesthetic, we highly recommend that you take a look at the pictures of the place.    

From the pedestrian streets of the Upper West Side and Brooklyn to these soft mansions in Greenwich Village, the apartments in New York are super photogenic and very interesting for Instagram. New York has no shortage of breathtaking views, and the one world observatory on the 102nd floor of the New World Trade Center is one of the best observatories in the city. The park offers the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan, and New York Harbor views.   

Located on the East River between Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge, with unrivalled views of Manhattan and the New York skyline. Ah, New York … aka “the concrete jungle where dreams are born” (one of the best quotes from New York). Today it is one of the most iconic buildings in the city and one of the most attractive locations in New York City. 

Green Street is one of the most attractive streets, with cobbled streets and magnificent cast-iron staircase buildings. Take a picture of you walking down these stairs and get the perfect shot for your Instagram feed. 

In all fairness, in this space, it doesn’t matter how good a photographer you are – even if you’ve just learned how to use your iPhone’s camera, the overall atmosphere is so perfect that your photos will accumulate likes.  

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