Which is the new ocean that has been added to the list of the world’s oceans?

According to the National Geographic 1915’s map, four recognized oceans include the Indian, Atlantic, Arctic, and Pacific Oceans. However, On June 8th, 2021, which was also World Oceans Day, National Geographic announced the Fifth world’s ocean, The Southern Ocean.

Although it is also true that it was recognized by the experts and the scientists a long time back. Although, it was not agreeable on the Southern Ocean is the Fifth World’s Ocean. National Geographic Society explains that they never actually officially recognized it.

The Southern ocean part of the World Oceans has been on the debate topic for years now. Science and geographers have been digging deep into the characteristics of all the water flowing around Antarctica. They have been hunting for those unique characteristics to make it the southern extension of the other four world’s oceans.

The National Geographic team and the policy committee have been seeing a positive change seeing scientists gradually increasing the usage of the word the Southern Ocean.

The experts further say that they finally got the opportunity to announce a new ocean as the Societies have been already doing initiatives to save the world’s oceans. This announcement just cheered all those people up who have been fighting for the Southern ocean.

However, the geographer further explained that it’s not like they did not even label the SOuther Ocean; they just kept its label under different oceans. In addition, they said that a big step was took primarily because of the southern ocean’s ecological separation.

What is the Southern Ocean?

Have you ever been to the Southern Ocean? Well, if you have been, you might already know what I will be talking about. That place is heaven in itself. The way air flows through the mountain and touches your hair can make you skip a heartbeat. Everything has a little extra charm in the Southern Ocean. The trees are greener, the hills are massively high, the wind is blending with cold and calmness, and the Glaciers are like cherry on the top of this place.

Did you know?

 The water that is surrounding Antarctica Out to 60degrees south latitude.

The Characteristics of the Southern Ocean.

The ocean defines it’s current, unlike other oceans that are defined by their continents.

Do you know? The Antarctic Circumpolar Current(ACC) is around 34 million years ago, and it was established when the Antarctic separated from South America. The ACC flows from west to east while fluctuating around 60 degrees south latitude. It also brings water from other oceans like the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific oceans. 

No other environment can not beat the climate of the Southern ocean.

The Antarctic Circumpolar Current helps moderate the climate by keeping the Southern ocean ecologically distinct and Antarctica cold.

The Southern Ocean is well surrounded by rare and beautiful marine ecosystems from all sides. And, it is also home to seals, whales, and penguins.

Many small changes and additions have been happening in the ocean world, but labeling a new world ocean is enormous. The Southern Ocean is one such place that deserves to be under the world’s primary oceans.

The whole of the Southern ocean fills unique characteristics that the geographers gradually recognized. They also understood that such an ocean needs focus, and its uniqueness should be in front of all the humans who have no idea about it. 

Experts also felt the need to add it to the world’s oceans because if we don’t label it as a more significant thing, it won’t be studied like that. So, the growing youngsters must be told about such a beautiful place present in the Antarctic and its value and impact on Earth’s climate.

The announcement of the addition of the fifth world’s ocean is also emphasized in society and promotes ocean conservation and a better life to its marine world.

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