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Are you hunting down the best place for your next trip? Are you worried about its culture and if it’s an LGBTQ-friendly place or not? Well, we have got you covered. With the help of many sources and bloggers who explore places, we noted down the top best and safe places that are gay friendly.

When you are on your vacation with your partner, why would you want looks from people that might hurt you, right? Their thinking should not affect you or your relationship with your partner. And, that is why we have picked up the best of the LGBTQ-friendly places around the world.

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Pack your bags and get ready because we came up with many options for you, and you might get confused to picking one place for your vacation.

Below are placed around the globe that welcomes the LGBTQ community with all love.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Did you know that the Netherlands was the first country worldwide who accepted and legalized gay marriage? The Netherlands is walking way ahead of other places that are still not completely okay with people choosing different lifestyles. However, Amsterdam is one hell of a place where pride day is celebrated with parties not protesting about oneself and feelings. 

Berlin, Germany

This place has its creative spirit in its culture and the way people think there. This same positivity spreads in the whole city, nurturing it properly. Berlin was also one of the gay hotspots that were labeled back in the 1920s. For the same reason, the LGBTQ community feels welcomed here and loves visiting this place. And, not just people with different feelings, this city has room for anyone who feels ignored in their city. If you are in Berlin, don’t miss going down to the fabulous queer bars they have. You can visit Facciola in Kreuzberg and Silver future in Neukolln and how can we forget Berghain, the home for all the tourists.

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland is a place that comes with surprises. You might witness and experience moments that can turn your vacation better. Auckland is also known for its pride events. Every year the city hosts a whole week of Pride events. In addition, there is a special event, ‘The Big Gay Out’ TBGO, that the AIDS Foundation from New Zealand organizes, and it is also a free event. So, if you are in this city, grab all the opportunities you can, participate in all the fantastic events they organize, and have fun.

Milan, Italy

Milan is known for the best LGBT scenes. Many parties, seminars, bars, events, films, and documentaries emphasis on the gay community and their culture. Furthermore, this city is one of the most welcoming cities plus becomes a Pride Square during Pride days/weeks. You can also hit Via Lecco and Porta Venezia, where you can spot many romantic and fun places to spend time with your partner.

New York, USA

New York City is already well-known for its happenings. Moreover, it is also one of the ultimate destinations for a gay couple. No one can feel unsafe in New York because of the way they live. People do not judge you unnecessarily and also support you. 

New York is filled with glorious gay-friendly bars and restaurants that include Hell’s Kitchen, and Henrietta Hudson. If you are more of a social and fun couple, visit The woods in Brooklyn on any Wednesday night. 

If you are looking for a romantic dinner with your partner, the best and safe place would be the LGBT-owned restaurant, Elmo. 

Well, New York is full of places for every type of human. So, you can feel safe there and explore many places and things.

More than 7 billion people are on earth, and we all have the right to live the way we want. So, you do not have to burden yourself by thinking about what others may think about you and your partner. Be the queen/king and rule the world, your sunshine. Hold your partner’s hand and travel the world. However, we picked up the safest places for you as it’s better to spend your vacation in a healthy environment.

Pack your bags, book that flight and fly.

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