How You Can Recover Deleted Text Messages on Your Android Phone?

Did you know that the messages you have deleted can be recovered? There are times when the messages are accidentally deleted. These deleted messages can be recovered after deletion if you wish. 

If you have also have deleted something accidentally, you can recover it from your Google Drive backups. Here we have the detailed process of how you can do it.

How can you recover your deleted messages?

The recovery of your messages depends on whether you have backed up your data or not. In case you have a backup of your data, you can easily recover it from your cloud storage. The only drawback is that this method needs you to reset your phone, which can erase all your data, so make sure you backup everything before moving ahead with the process.

For the second case, if you have not backed up your data, you can still try and recover apps using third party recovery apps.

How to do the recovery with a backup?

If you have an Android phone and have your data backed up on Google Drive, you can recover the deleted messages using this process. But, beware all your data will be erased, so first of all, backup all your data on the drive.

You can do it by opening the “settings” on your phone, and when you do so, you will see the “system” option at the end of the line.

Next, click on the system and click on “Reset options.” After it opens, click on “Erase all data (Factory reset.).” This will erase all your data. Once it’s done, you can start the recovery process.

Now you’d have to sign in to your phone with the Google account that you used for data backup. Now all you need to do is choose the restore option and select the “SMS Messages”  option on it.

After your phone is done finishing the process, you will see that all your data is restored.

How to recover text messages without backup?

If you didn’t make a backup before losing your messages, you could recover them using one of the many Android data recovery tools available.
Dr Fone Android Data Recovery and PhoneRescue are two programmes you can employ. Almost all of these apps work in the same way. They analyse your phone for evidence of lost texts and then allow you to recover those messages on your phone selectively.

You should also know that there is no surety that your data will b recovered but you can try these apps since you are out of options.

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