USA vs Costa Rica, 2022 World Cup Qualifier

USA vs Costa Rica – The USMNT fell 2-0 vs Costa Rica to close World Cup Qualifying. What did we learn from the match? We knew that THE US IS GOING BACK TO THE WORLD CUP!!

USMNT lost 2–0 to Costa Rica to complete their World Cup qualifiers. What did we learn from the match? Everyone, pack your bags; the show is over. The US men’s team has qualified for the 2022 FIFA Men’s World Cup, which matters. Okay, okay, let’s talk about playing in Costa Rica.    

The USMNT went to Costa Rica, a qualifier that the USMNT has never won and, with a near-guaranteed qualification, a pretty top-notch team (key players missing due to injuries) recovering from a short hiatus after two hugely essential games in the week. 

With only a slight rotation (and apparently a stomach ache), they lost 2-0 to a fresh and rotated team of freshmen from Costa Rica who was itching to prove they should have gone to the World Cup. That Berhalter had to alternate and rest Miles Robinson and Walker Zimmerman?   

Can USMNT refuse to score points when Tyler Adams is not on the field?

 Yes, okay, that’s true, but who cares? Back to the World Cup!! Losing the last game sucks, but you know what?    

For those who took first place in the qualification, the trophy is not provided. First and third places have the same prize. And that’s a nice prize.    

Do you know what I’ve learned? What have I really learned?   

The point against Mexico was critical. If Costa Rica could beat USMNT on issues, losing this game would be different.    

It isn’t easy to qualify for the World Cup. And miss him so, so, so much. I was the first to learn not to take qualifications for granted.   

We are at the World Cup! Let’s go to Qatar! We are at the World Cup!!    

It would be nice to end with just a few words from the players who actually did the qualifying job about what it meant to them. The draw for the World Cup will take place on Friday, April 1, and will determine who will play the United States in Qatar. 

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