FIFA World Cup 2022: Chile files legal challenge over Ecuador’s Football Federation

What did Chile legally file, and against who?

FIFA World Cup 2022: Chile files legal challenge over Ecuadorian team’s participation in the tournament

According to reports, Chile has filed a legal challenge to block Ecuador from taking part in the 2022 World Cup.

The South American country has formally submitted the request to FIFA, and it is now waiting for the governing body’s decision. If Chile’s plea is unsuccessful, it will reportedly.

What exactly happened between Chile and the Ecuadorian Football Federation?

The Chilean government issuing the Ecuadorian Football Federation for fielding a player who is not eligible to play for Ecuador.

The Chilean government has filed a legal challenge against the Ecuadorian Football Federation, accusing them of fielding an ineligible player in their 2-2 draw with Chile. The player in question, Christian Benítez, was born in Ecuador but has lived and played soccer in Chile since he was a child.

The Chilean team’s complaint is that Benítez should have been ineligible to play because he holds dual citizenship and therefore cannot represent either country.

Byron Castillo of Ecuador flinches after an injury during a 2022 FIFA World Cup against Bolivia in Qatar in Guayaquil, Ecuador, on October 7, 2021.

 Zurich: A World Cup legal dispute with Chile erupted on Thursday. Ecuador’s place in the final tournament for an allegedly ineligible player. 

It has been alleged that Chilean football player Byron Castillo is Colombian. The Chilean Football Federation has asked FIFA to investigate the claims and make sure he is eligible to play in the World Cup qualifiers”.

The complaint comes more than a month after the end of the South American qualifiers, with Ecuador placed in a group with host country Qatar, the Netherlands and Senegal. “FIFA can confirm that it has received an official complaint from the Chilean Football Association regarding this matter,” football’s governing body said.

Ecuador finished fourth in a qualifying group of 10 South American countries and went straight to Qatar. Fifth-placed Peru will play the play-off next month against Australia or the United Arab Emirates. Chile finished seventh, seven points behind Ecuador, but say they could advance if Castillo’s games are lost.   

In the case of ineligible players, FIFA rules require the results to be cancelled as a 3-0 defeat. In South America 2018 World Cup qualifiers, Bolivia lost two games in which they fielded a player of Paraguayan origin who was not eligible for a substitute.

 Bolivia lost an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, arguing that FIFA had the right to investigate even when protests were filed weeks after the match. 

What do the FIFA experts say?

FIFA has developed stricter rules for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, requiring all players participating in qualifying matches to present a “valid permanent international passport” for verification by match officials. 

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