A Glimpse of Future Barcelona After Messi’s Departure

After seventeen years of playing for Barca, Messi had to leave after playing and winning for the same club. The first match of Barca since Messi’s departure and a victory of 4-2 over Real Sociedad gave a glimpse into what might be the future of Barca without Messi. Let’s have a look.

Martin Brathwaite’s Larger Presence 

Martin Braithwaite was outstanding and might have recently shown that he’s supernatural material. He’s now demonstrating his hard-working attitude in past Barça appearances and proceeds with that pattern with steady squeezing that was critical to keeping a power advantage over Real Sociedad.
Yet, Dane’s exhibition was far beyond that. Creative development permitted him to snatch a very much taken support, and he showed a coolness compelled to help Barça’s focuses fix fourth.

Though he might not exactly be Messi’s departure, his performances at the peak of his abilities might make him a significant asset to this Balugranan Side.

Memphis Depay

Memphis Depay exhibited why Ronald Koeman was so quick to bring in the forward. This might have been the perfect opportunity to present the importance he has in this team.
While Braithwaite changed over the side’s play into numbers on the board, Depay illuminated the field with snapshots of wizardry, splendid vision, uneven development, and phenomenal performance.

Eric Garcia

Positively viewed as a decent central defender. Eric Garcia was continually greeted wholeheartedly by the club at which he began.
However, after seeing his presentation against Real Sociedad, his return is expecting a preferred bit of business over anybody honestly. Versatility was the way into Garcia’s noteworthy
production, and something Barça has woefully needed in their backline.
With his apparent smoothness, the 20-year-old’s speed praised Gerard Pique impeccably, covering his veteran associate behind.

Strong Midfields 

It’s been some time since Barcelona’s midfield has been one of the best in Europe.

In any case, the threesome of Frenkie de Jong, Sergio Busquets, and Pedri has again shown exactly how gifted and the rational unit they are with a ruling presentation against La Real.

Last season achieved the blooming affinity between the three after Pedri’s unexpected ascent to unmistakable quality. At the same time, having now laid down a good foundation for himself as one of the mainland’s best midfielders. The 18-year-old’s essence, close by the reliably excellent De Jong and Busquets, makes La Blaugrana look alarmingly stacked.

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