Do you know, Ibrahim Hamadtou? This armless man is crossing all the levels in his Ping Pong game

Paralympian Ibrahim Hamadtou, anyhow sports ping pong without arms.

Ibrahim Hamadtou epitomizes his attitude to his sport at the Paralympics. Hampton has apprehended the sensitivity and emotions of Paralympic fans in Tokyo 2020 with his unique table tennis style. He competes in table tennis by balancing a paddle on his mouth. In table tennis, his quick and skillful moves with the blade are decisive to make up for the heavy appearance.    

The fans were stunned when he threw the ball and served with his feet, which, despite his missing arm, produced a remarkable turn of the ball. At 43, he will make his Paralympic debut and compete in some of the most challenging events he has ever faced. He played against South Korea’s Park Hong Ku in a Grade 6 qualifier on Wednesday. He has spent most of his life trying to find ways to improve his skills. If the physical impairments of the Rio Paralympic Games have told you anything, it is that you have to adapt to what life throws at you.  

He defeated Park in straight sets 11-6, 11-4, and 11-9. Park suffered a cervical spine injury that affected his upper and lower body movements after a work accident in 2005.    

After the clip of his opponent Ibrahim Hamadtou went viral, people remained in awe of his remarkable effort. One of his opponents in Rio, David Wetherill of Great Britain, said he had more respect for Park after beating him 11-5, 11-7, and 11-5 in three successive games. “It was an absolute honor for me to compete against one of the greatest table tennis players of all time,” he told the Huffington Post. It’s strange, nobody was prepared for it, but I’ve seen him on YouTube and his legend in table tennis.    

Hampton himself accepted his defeat calmly. Today I have expanded my knowledge, “he told the Hindustan Times. “You lose, you win, you enrich your experience, you increase your knowledge. This is not a defeat, but only a defeat.    

What was his journey after his accident?

Hampton turned to table tennis three years after his accident and had to contend with skeptics all his life. While Hamadou’s story is not new to table tennis fans worldwide, his remarkable skills earned him a starring role in the video “Impossible,” viewed more than three million times on YouTube.    

Superlatives flooded in as social media users described themselves as’ speechless’ and described Hamadtou as’ incredible. ‘ The unexpected, ‘comedian Omad Djalili wrote on Twitter. “Playing football and table tennis is a challenge.   

In an interview with CNN in 2014, Ibrahim Hamadtou explained why he started playing table tennis. “In our village, we played table tennis and football all the time, so I played like that,” he said. It’s logical to play football, but in my case, I played table tennis because of the challenges.   

I practiced very hard every day for three years in a row. It was complicated to play table tennis, but I had no accidents.   

At first, people were amazed and surprised to see me play. They greatly encouraged and supported me and were proud of my willing perseverance and determination. My play quickly caught the attention of the audience.   

But he was not deterred. A year later, playing for Class 6 athletes with severe impairments in their legs and arms. He began his run by falling straight into a set against South Korean Park Hong-kyu, who suffered cervical spinal damage in a 2005 work accident paralyzed his upper and lower body. 

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