LA Lakers signs former 3-point champion, Darren Collison

Guard Darren Collison is returning to the NBA on a 10-day contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, the organization announced Friday. Collison abruptly retired in 2019. The majority of the Los Angeles Lakers news being reported at this stage in the season has been about the team’s behind-the-scenes instability, which all serves as a foreshadowing of what will be a very fascinating summer of movements. The Lakers, on the other hand, have taken an early move by signing the former three-point champion.

Collison has signed a G League contract after a three-game run with the Lakers on a 10-day contract earlier this season. Collison strengthens a strong South Bay Lakers team and is attempting to earn a spot on the NBA roster in time for a playoff run.

While Collison struggled in his three games with the Lakers this season, he was also returning to the NBA after a two-plus-year absence. It makes sense for him as a pro and for the Lakers to put him in the G League to get his legs back under him.

Why is it great news for LA Lakers?

While Collison is 34 years old, he has fewer miles on his legs as a result of his time away from the league, and he has the potential to be a rotation player. It’s unlikely that he’ll be able to get into the NBA rotation before the playoffs, but the Lakers may have a multi-year strategy in mind.

The Lakers can get him into the building to properly evaluate him while also giving him an opportunity to get back into NBA form by signing him to the South Bay Lakers. This is essentially a head start for the Lakers, who will be bringing in a boatload of fresh talent this offseason.

And if Collison’s time in the G League doesn’t pan out, there’s no harm done. He isn’t costing the team anything in terms of the luxury tax. This is a comprehensive flier with only positive outcomes.

The upside is a gifted scoring guard who would be an excellent point guard to have on the court with LeBron James because he doesn’t require the ball and can make jumpers. Collison has a lifetime three-point percentage of 39.4 percent, and he led the league in three-point percentage in the 2017-18 season, shooting 46.8 percent from beyond the arc.

This Lakers news may turn out to be insignificant and have no bearing on the team’s future. It could, however, be the start of a smart addition to the roster for next season.

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