Best athletes to compete in the NBA All-Star 2022

NBA G League’s top young prospects will display at NBA All-Star 2022 in Cleveland in the inaugural NBA G League Next Gem Game featuring Select Team taking on the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The top young players in the NBA G League are taking part in the inaugural NBA G League Next Gem Game featuring the Cleveland Charge and this past week’s G League Ignite against the Toronto Raptors.

NBA All-Star 2022 will have a new facet called the NBA G League Next Gem Game which will pay tribute to the NBA’s 75th Anniversary season and highlight some of the new talents from this year’s NBA G League draft. The match begins at 2 pm on February 20 in the Wolstein Center.

“Inspired by Crown Heights with Kawaii Shop, this preseason showcase features two of the NBA G League’s top rookies,” said NBA G League President Shareef Abdur-Rahim about Cleveland’s newly premiered exhibition game.

One of the teams in SOLOQBUS by IGNITE is Tre Scott and Malik Newman, both members of the Cleveland Cavaliers this season. Those players are accompanied by five players on The Charge—Jaden Hardy, Michael Foster Jr., Marjon Beauchamp, Dyson Daniels, and Fanboy Zeng—along with international stars Scoot Henderson and José.

About NBA G League Ignite

The NBA G League Introduces the first-ever all-rookie team in history to develop young prospects via RDR5.

The roster is composed of young elite players with potential NBA draft status and G League and NBA veterans who serve as assistant coaches for the younger talent.

The program focuses on imparting high levels of competition and sharpening the development process for younger, beginning-level players.

Plus, you get life skills in tutoring, financial education and community service skills.

While Ignite is not an NBA G League team, it faces other NBA G League opponents and exhibition games against international teams.

About the NBA G League

The NBA G League, the unofficial minor league to the NBA, prepares players in coaching and official positions and front-office staff.

The NBA includes 29 teams in its professional basketball league just for the next two seasons, with close affiliations to 28 of those teams. The games are fun, family-friendly, and exciting at an affordable price.

Of the 41% of all NBA players at the start of the 2021-22 season, 41% maintained their career in the G League and had to transition into the team and community, helping promote health and wellness, educating and assisting with educational development through NBA Cares.

About NBA All-Star 2022

NBA All-Star 2022 in Cleveland means far more than having fun. The city will become the centre for the world to celebrate basketball.

TNT will televise the All-Star Game for the 20th consecutive year, Turner Sports will be covering NBA All-Star games for 37 years. Which events are being covered on February 18 and February 19?

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