Best household cleaning products every home should use

We all are well informed of the harmful effects of chemicals on the food we eat, like additives, preservatives, and pesticides. Gulping down the harmful chemicals and toxic substances is menacing for our health. Therefore, it is advised to avoid them as much as we can. Now we are more aware of the harmful chemicals that are used in skincare and beauty products. Skin is our largest organ, and we should be mindful of what we are applying to it as it will steep into it and further in our bloodstream. So, it is best to stay away from these harmful chemicals as much as we can.

Similarly, our home also needs products that are not harmful and toxic. People do not even consider checking the poisonous chemicals they use to clean the clothes, wash the dishes, or on floors. We spend a lot of time thinking about what products we are using to clean our home. We must avoid harsh products and start using biodegradable and natural products. They are non-toxic and made up of sustainable practices.

Fortunately, there are a lot of products that are non-toxic in cleaning and for almost every category. These eco-friendly cleaning brands are well aware of people’s health and the earth’s wellbeing. These products are available in grocery stores and online.

Here are some non-toxic products for your home


Puracy is a biodegradable formula made locally in Texas. It is a baby-friendly product. It is made as natural as it could be. The products of puracy are proved pure and effective as they are chemical-free. They break down in the environment safely and naturally. When puracy says their products are produced in the USA, they mean that the packaging stars local artist’s drawings. The brand list the materials across America. The graphic designs are from Connecticut, product photography from New Jersey, and fans from the whole country.


New Jersey’s Veles is has decided to contribute to the growth of the food waste problem. This brand creates products that are made up of 97% of the food. It is an all-purpose household cleaner. In the manufacturing process, they use active ingredients like alcohol, acetic acid, and lactic acid from food to fill the landfills. Essential oils and fragrances are added to the products. They are eco-friendly and sustainable cleaners.


Ecos is an all-purpose cleaner owned by a family and worked for more than 50 years. They promised to make green cleaning a reality with the help of mindful and sustainable practices. The company uses carbon and water neutral methods. Their facilities are 00% renewable energy. Ecos is now used in millions of homes, sparking the green cleaning movement at affordable prices.

PUR home

PUR home starts an eco-friendly lifestyle. The founder, Angela Richardson, was inspired to make natural products for skincare, household cleaning, etc. She used only plant-based ingredients. Now, PUR home includes detergents, multisurface cleaners, all-in-one concentrates. They are natural, biodegradable, non-toxic, and effective and are friendly to nature and humankind. PUR home was formed in the USA.


Frosch has their tab on the website. Their products are packaged in recycled PETFrosch, and the brand is committed to sustainable missions frim closing the loop. They support education by sponsoring the International Ocean Film Tour. Frosch is certified by EU Ecolabel. EU Ecolabel is an excellent environmental label awarded to those products and services that meet the environmental standards. Their products are vegan and were never tested on animals. The formulas are tested dermatologically and are non-toxic and free from chemicals like Formaldehyde, NTA, EDTA, Borate, Phosphate, and halogen organic compounds.

Branch Basics

Gay Browne (the author of Living With a Green Heart) and Kimberly Button (the creator of and the Ultimate Home Detox Guide) also recommend Branch Basics. It is a multi-purpose, all-in-one, and concentrated cleaner made from plant and mineral-based ingredients. It goes without packaging. You will consume the bottle slowly as it is a concentrated formula. You are supposed to dilute it with water and then use it. This cleaner can be used for laundry, bathrooms, for hands and body. They are safe and certified and a B rating.

Earth hero

The products are packed plastic-free with paper tapes or recycled and reused cardboard boxes. It is 100% carbon neutral and is certified B. They are a part environmental organization of 1% for planet donating portions from every purchase. It is a one-stop shop for purchasing sustainable things and have a massive selection of cleaning products for everything in your home. You can clean your house using any cleaning tool, including dishcloths, paper towels, or scrubber brushes. Earthhero’s website is remarkably transparent. They provide essential information under every cleaning product like sulfate-free, phthalatefree, paraben-free, and many more.


We are all well aware of what harmful chemicals can do, whether in food, skincare products, or household cleaning products. We must avoid using them

as much as we can. It is essential to use natural, biodegradable, and sustainable products to protect our environment. People are not much introduced to natural home cleaning products, but fortunately, there are many supermarkets or online. Here are some products manufactured using plant-based ingredients and are safe for our home and environment: Puracy, Veles, Ecos, Frosch, Branch Basics, and Earth hero.

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