Kia is ready to take on the power-packed market of powerful entry-level GT sedans. On the storm with the elegant beast by the name of the Kia Stinger. A V6  4 cylinder turbocharged 2.5-litre four-pot powers the new model with 300 hp giving out a torque of 311lb-ft. However, The new model has evolved to be more powerful and receives more updates with interiors and exteriors while proudly wearing the updated Kia logo. It comes with a four-door with the options of a rear-wheel and an all-wheel drive train.

Hence, this new engine significantly improves compared to the old turbo 2.0 litre I-4. Along with flaunting the 300 hp four-cylinder engine, it gives out 22mpg in the city. It cracks the limit of 30mpg on the highway with 35mpg as per the Environmental protection Agency (EPA). This makes it better with fuel economy compared to the older model. Kia claims the model hits 0-60mph in 5.2 seconds(in a model with all-wheel drive ) without any adverse effects on the fuel economy. What else could be better to hit the roads with a powerful sedan that takes care of the economy?

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Details of New KIA Stingger

The GT model with V6 gets a power-up of 368 horsepower, which used to be 365 with the 3.3-litre engine. Yet, The power gap doesn’t seem to be much at first glance, but the new GT comes with an electronically adaptive exhaust which kicks up the car to be better.

Sean Yoon, the president and CEO of Kia Motors North America, said, “The stinger confidently shows Kia’s ability to build a sport sedan that can compete and beat the best the world has to offer. it is definitive proof of our proud and evolving engineering prowess.” He also praised Kia by saying, “We continue to push Stinger to new heights as it is the catalyst behind our dynamic model line-up, from the award-winning Telluride to the highly praised K5. The Kia Stringer is world-class, and the refreshed 2022 model continues to evolve expectations.”

New Updates on Kia comes up with Stinger a 300HP Car Giving out 30MPH

Kia received a few more updates in its looks and the new logo. The form of new headlights and redesigned new tail lamps with LED as a standard among all the models. It sports a new wheel design with 18-inch vertex alloy wheels giving it a unique presentation to the car’s exterior. The model provides a classy feel with the expansive sunroof equipped with a power sunshade.

Kia has made sure the new stringer by giving it upgrades with the interior, which bodes well with all the changes across the model. The audience was assured of Kia coming up with Stinger, a 300HP car giving a 30MPH. Moreover, It comes with a 10.25-inch touch-screen display and navigation system that makes use o the control easier while driving.

The model also comes with a 4.2-inch Meter Display, tilt and telescopic steering column giving a very comfortable ride for the driver.

Kia took care of the safety of the driver by using the various latest tech like smart cruise control, Electronic stability control (ECS), Traction Control System (TCS), and Hill-start Assist Control (HAS) for the GT line.

Interior Look of New KIA Stinger

Stringer sure lives up to the expectations of its makers with top of the line features. Hence, going toe to toe with the rivals who have been dominating the market in the segment. The main competitors that stringer is competing against are BMW 3-series and Mercedes-Benz C-class.


After updating its logo, Kia came out with Stinger, which sports the logo with pride on its nose and tail. It packs a punch with a V6 four-cylinder engine giving 300 horsepower and 311lb-ft of torque while keeping the fuel economy in the range of 22mpg to 30mpg. Stinger also receives updates with its interior and exterior features.

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