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Surfing is a sport that requires skill, physique and superior quality of equipment. But it doesn’t end there. The shape and design of the board hold equal importance. So to help you enjoy your time surfing, we have brought you a list of the best Channel Islands Surfboards you can use.

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Fish Beard

The Fish Beard is all business in the front, and it’s all party in the back. Drive from the centre of this user-friendly board, and you’ll have all the speed and fluidity you’ve ever wanted. Step back on the tail to engage the fins and rails, giving you more grip, pivot, projection, and freedom to rip as hard as you want. To keep the party going, we looked through the archives and unearthed some vintage fluorescent logos from the mid-80s, which we used to replicate CI’s signature layup from the time period.

The board should be used in conjunction with Futures AMK Keel Fins for optimal performance. The all-new AMK design features a modern rake shape, progressive tip flex, and flat inside foils carefully tailored for rapid, high-performance surfing, despite its inspiration from historical keel outlines. This keel-fin desig

n is made to tear, but it’s also great for grooving.


The Happy is a revolutionary performance shortboard designed to allow surfers to go anywhere their imagination leads them. The board’s low entry rocker and strategically positioned forward volume will enable it to paddle smoothly, accelerate swiftly, and perform admirably in the tube. Happy’s streamlined rails and thinned out tail harness all that speed, resulting in a very responsive board that is exceptionally forgiving during important moves and holds very well no matter how hard you turn. A single concave beneath the front foot provides the optimal blend of speed and control, moving to a double between the fins, and flat off the tail. Britt has been refining and tweaking the design for the past two years.

OG Flyer

The Flyer is our most popular design of all time. Al was looking for a solution to the problem of team riders needing more speed and flow in smaller waves while retaining top performance, world tour level surfing in 1999. The answer was a board that broke away from the tight designs of the time and paved the way for today’s performance shortboards, which are now broader and shorter. The Flyer is without a doubt our most ridden and enjoyed all-around board.
The OG Flyer has a single concave entry to double through the middle and a vee exit, Al’s distinctive bump squash, modest down rail, and a subtle nose beak, and is best used as an everyday board in everyday conditions. To be ridden at a similar height and length.

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