How far is Orlando from Miami? Know It All

Every year, thousands of tourists visit Miami, the vibrant city in Florida. The allure of the beaches, combined with the lively atmosphere, draws tourists from all over the world. Miami is rightfully described as a wonderful paradise. On the other hand, Orlando is known as a one-of-a-kind city. It is the home of the famous Disney World, which is many people’s dream vacation destination. Orlando’s breathtaking nightlife is self-explanatory. These two cities are the epitome of ideal vacation spots. As a tourist, you should be aware of how far Orlando is from Miami. This information will assist you in planning a seamless trip between these two cities. Along with explaining this, we will share various options for you to consider as part of your trip.

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Distance Between Miami And Orlando

Distance Between Miami And Orlando

There are several means to travel from Miami to Orlando, such as buses, trains, cars, and of course, via air. However, choosing among these depends on factors like

  • How quickly do you want to reach your destination?
  • How much money are you looking to spend on traveling?
  • Are you looking to visit the travel spots in between the journey or not?
Bus235 miles7 hours35-65 USD
Car231 miles4 hours30 USD
Flight178 miles1 hour50-95 USD
Train204 miles5-6 hours39-220 USD

How To Travel Between Maimi And Orlando

How To Travel Between Maimi And Orlando

Via Bus

A bus is the most affordable means of traveling from Miami to Orlando if you are looking to travel via public transport.

  • There are direct buses from Miami International Airport to Orlando.
  • All of the bus services have several stops, such as gas stations and restaurants where travelers can eat food and purchase their trip essentials.
  • However, many travel companies have an onboard restroom on the bus along with free wifi services.
  • Amenities vary from one service provider to another, and so does the cost of traveling.
  • The prices are also based on the time and month you are visiting.
  • Overall, traveling via bus is one of the most affordable and comfortable means to travel from Miami to Orlando.

Via Car

One of the cheapest and hassle-free ways to travel from Miami To Orlando is via car. Traveling via car gives you the luxury of stopping at hot traveling spots in between your destination.

There are mainly two ways to travel via road; either taking the direct route from Florida’s Turnpike, which is inclusive of toll taxes, or taking the 95-N route, which will pass through amazing coastline locations.

The former route will take around 3 hours, whereas the latter route will add another hour to your trip.

Florida’s Turnpike Route

  • The fastest on-road route to travel from Miami to Orlando.
  • The distance covered on this route is approx. 230 miles in total from Maimi Gardens to Orlando. 
  • Being an expressway, this route is inclusive of toll taxes.

95-N Route

This route is filled with thrill and adventure. If you actually have time and want to experience the amazing coastline on your way from Miami to Orlando, then this route is surely the appropriate choice for you.

You will save on toll taxes as this route is exclusive of any such tolls.

Amazing places in between this route:

Fort Lauderdale

Visit the ‘ Venice Of America’, which is just a 30 minutes drive from north of Miami.

West Palm Beach

A city filled with sky scrappers, an amazing coastline, and deluxe shopping, is just an hour’s drive from North of Miami on this route.


Lighthouse is the main attraction of this place, and from the top, it is a breathtaking view that is totally worth your time and effort.

Port St. Lucie

This flora-rich place is just 1 and half hours from north of Miami. If you are interested in visiting the Botanics of this place, then do visit this ‘Treasure Coast Town’.

Fort Pierce

This town is famous for its historic reserves and the tales, along with mainstream locations such as The NAVY SEAL Museum, the STATE park, and much more.


This place is filled with adventurous places such as waterparks, museums, zoos, and amazing amusement parks.

Cocoa Beach

This place is just a 3-hour drive North of Miami and is famous for places such as the NASA Kennedy Space Center, lighthouse, and the Dinosaur museum.

Via Flight

If you are looking to save time and reach your destination as soon as possible, then taking a flight is your sure bet.

  • It takes only an hour from Miami to Orlando via flight.
  • The ticket prices vary from one service provider to another.
  • Passengers can board their flights from Miami International Airport to Orlando International Airport.
  • Also, if you are planning to fly at a cheaper rate, then it is ideal to plan your visit for the month of August when the rates are the lowest.

Various Service Providers For The Route

  • Spirit Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Silver Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Frontier Airlines
  • JetBlue Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Delta Airlines

As the air route from Miami to Orlando only takes 1 hour, there are mainly non-stop flights available on this route.

Via Train

Travelling via train has its own experience where you relax and can focus on other chores which are possible to do in the leisure of train travel.

  • There is an under-construction direct route from Miami to Orlando, which will only take around 3 hours to reach the destination. 
  • However, as of now, on this route, the passengers can avail of the train services from Miami to West Palm, and from there, they can consider other means to reach Orlando.
  • The older in-process route takes roughly 5-6 hours from Miami to Orlando. 
  • Coach train seat price starts from 39$ per person and goes to as high as 216$ per person for the premium seat, which is inclusive of a bed to sleep on with other amenities.


What is the closest city to Miami?

Hialeah is the closest city to Miami, which is about 9 miles away.

Which beach is there in Orlando?

Cocoa Beach is a famous beach in Orlando.

How long is a car ride from Orlando to Miami?

In midday traffic, you may anticipate the fastest trip between Orlando and Miami to take about 3 hours and 45 minutes.

How far is it from Miami to Disney World?

Yes, it is 234 miles to get from Miami to Walt Disney World by car. The travel time from Miami to Walt Disney World is about 3 hours and 56 minutes. Which airlines operate flights between Miami and Orlando?

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