NBA 2022 Draft Results: Orlando Magic picks Paolo Banchero

Till Thursday evening, the NBA universe was flocking with the NBA mock drafts. But on Thursday night, all the anticipation went wild. Every player’s fate was at stake in the NBA draft lottery. The 2022 NBA Draft arrived with high hopes and defied them all.

What was anticipated in NBA 2022 Mock Drafts?

NBA teams compile all their assessment and trade boards ahead of the NBA 2022 draft on Thursday night. The NBA lottery was very much predictable as per the trends. The order of the top three picks in the NBA draft was “increasingly definite,” with Auburn’s Jabari Smith Jr. heading to the Orlando Magic at No. 1, Gonzaga’s Chet Holmgren going to the Oklahoma City Thunder at No. 2, and Duke’s Paolo Banchero going to the Houston Rockets at No. 3.

What was anticipated in NBA 2022 Mock Drafts?

However, these predictions went south in the NBA lottery.  Check out the top 5 picks of the NBA 2022 draft results below.

the top 5 picks of the NBA 2022 draft results

1.   Orlando Magic

Paolo Banchero | 6-foot-10, forward | 19 years old, freshman | Duke

This was a complete surprise, as the Magic managed to keep their true intents hidden practically until the very end. It changes a lot of people’s expectations and how things will unfold with the next few picks, especially Houston’s at No. 3.

He’s a sharp passer, a really dynamic thrower, and he has the most refined technique in the class. Banchero is someone who can carry an offense easily.

2.   Oklahoma City Thunder

Chet Holmgren | 7-foot, center | 20 years old, freshman | Gonzaga

Despite the surprise at No. 1, this one follows expectations. Holmgren will fill a need in the middle for the Thunder. He will provide an outstanding shot-blocker to command the defenses.

He is one of the best defenders. His positioning is excellent, and he is a tough competitor. With a 7-6 wingspan, the 7-footer possesses every length-based defensive tool. His intuition and intensity are extraordinary.

3.   Houston Rockets

Jabari Smith Jr. | 6-foot-10, forward | 19 years old, freshman | Auburn

As the NBA mock draft suggested that Banchero, Holmgren, and Smith will be the top three winners of the NBA lottery. Orlando went with Paolo, turning all the tables. With the third pick, the Houston Rockets earn a Jabari Smith. He is a top-rated player and a good match for Houston’s present squad.

He has the reach and athleticism to defend positions 1-4. Jabari is the best shooting big man in the draft class, shooting 42% from three-point range.

4.   Sacramento Kings

Keegan Murray | 6-foot-8, forward | 21 years old, sophomore | Iowa

You are wrong if you thought the NBA 2022 draft shockers are over with top three picks.  There was another surprise waiting. According to NBA mock drafts, Sacramento Kings were looking to buy Jaden Ivey, but the Kings chose Murray.

Murray was phenomenal last year. He leads the statistics. He was the only player in the previous season to record at least 800 points, 60 blocked shots, 300 rebounds, and 50 assists. Murray can move the ball in flow, grab and shoot, and create a mid-post bucket on his own.

5.   Detroit Pistons

Jaden Ivey | 6-foot-4, point guard | 20 years old, sophomore | Purdue

Despite finishing fifth in the lottery, the Pistons seize on the finest floor potential in the NBA 2022 draft. Ivey’s consistent outside jump shot might be an asset to the Pistons. Piston’s backcourt will undoubtedly be exciting.

Ivey has enormous potential. His firing quickness off the dribble is a good compliment for Detroit Pistons.

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