5 Facts About Chayce Beckham Who Won The American Idol

Now it is the time for the finale of the American Idol. This was the 19th season of American Idol aired live on May 23. Chayce Beckham, Willie Spence, and Grace Kinstler were competing against each other to become the winner after this last performance. Throughout the season, Chayce was the one to watch. The judges, America, and everyone fell in love with him after his great performances every week.

He made his first impression with the judges Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie, and

Katy Perry with his performance on a song by Kolton Moore and The Clever Few, “What brings life also kills”. After listening to his sensitive singing, Katy said that he seemed like “the heart of America”. Simply, his ABC competition show began, and he started his new journey. Now, the 24-year-old, a resident of California made his way to the finalist having the fortune to be crowned the champion of season 2021, three months later.

Here are 5 things to know about Chayce Beckham :

Chayce Beckham
Chayce Beckham

During his audition, Chayce Beckham said that he went through plenty of ups and downs. The previous year was not easy on Chayce before he auditioned for American Idol. He said that lately, his life was quite like a roller coaster. His whole life flipped upside down, and he had to move back home with his parents. He did not mention what had happened, and his mom started to get emotional when he further talked about the situation. His mother said that he was on a dark path for quite some time with his self-worth and drinking, but he was good enough. She further continued that he went through a rough time.

Chayce Started Playing the Guitar as a Toddler

Chayce recollected his memories of the time when he first started to play the guitar after he discovered an old guitar at his grandmother’s place. He said that he was only 3-years old when he first began to mess with it, so that was his earliest memory of music. He has been playing it since then.

Although he found a way with the musical instruments, it took him a long time to recognize his voice. He admitted that his sisters were not his biggest fan when he first started singing. He said that he used to sing in his room, and his sisters shouted at him to shut the door, and you sound terrible. But now, things are different. These things forced him to become better and better.

Chayce Was in a Band

Chayce Beckham was in a band singing reggae music before he started singing solo. He introduced American Idol with his different sound, though from his audition on the song “What brings life also kills” by Kolton Moore and The Clever Few. He explained that he began to play an acoustic guitar, started posting his songs on Instagram that he did not want to take to the whole band. He felt some things that were out of place and still enjoyed that. And that is what got him here. He started to do his things.

Chayce’s Parents Pushed Him to Audition

Chayce went through some serious differences in his life in the fall of 2020. He and his girlfriend of seven years broke up after Chayce could not play music for months with his band. He moved out of the home that he shared with her in Huntington Beach consequently. He left his dog behind and stated to live with his parents again. But it all came to an end when he was found in a deadly drunk driving car crash. His truck was left on the highway upside down.

After this disturbing event, his mother and stepfather were trying to courage him and keep his spirits high. They decided to sign him up on American Idol to try his luck. His mother, Windie, said that he was on a dark path for some time with his self-worth and drinking, but he was good enough. Chayce said that he thought that his parents saw that he was almost giving up on his dreams. So, they encouraged him to give the auditions. He admitted that he could not do it without any of them. They are equally a part of this as he was. Know more about the winner of American Idol.

Chayce is Extremely Close to His Family

Chayce Beckham gives his family and music all the credit that helped him to get through the darkest times. He said that his parents and family pushed him a lot to be on American Idol and to do all this stuff. Without them, he would not be able to do this. He told his mom that he owed them a big-time to which she replied that he did not owe them anything. He said that music was always there for him when everyone else was against in his life or everything was going wrong in his life. Music is everything for him. It kept him sane through all these rough times. Read about your favourite stars on our blog!

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