Twitter Updates its Verification Process With New Policies

Twitter is now finally re-opening the blue-tick verification. You can now apply for the blue badge again. But now, there are some revised categories that the company came up with. The micro-blogging platform declares that it will start introducing the revised verification application process and analyzing public applications for verification in the coming few weeks. So, here are the new Twitter updates.

For those who do not know, the blue tick is a way to recognize the original accounts on Twitter. The verified accounts have a blue tick mark right after the user’s name. However, now the Twitter has relaunched the verification for the accounts, it has also added some new guidelines for these accounts on the platform.

The company has particularly set down that the eligibility to be verified that includes commentary, parody, unofficial fan accounts, newsfeed, fictional characters, pets, the accounts that are related to harmful activities, hateful contents, accounts that have broken spam and manipulation policy of the platform. They also said that users applying for the verification badge should have never been locked out for 12-hour or 7-day for breaking Twitter rules in the last year (12 months).

Why did Twitter Cease to Verify?

Twitter Policies update
Twitter Policies update

On November 16, 2017, Twitter ceased to verify the accounts while declaring that the blue tick mark is causing a problem for them. People perceived it the wrong way. This mark was perceived as approval of some people by Twitter which was inevitably not the fact. Back then, the company wrote that the verification perception just grew worse when they started verification for public submissions and verified people who were not valid. The company was also intending to examine the earlier verified accounts.

What are the Twitter Updates?

Twitter is planning to re-open the verification that involves a new public application process. SO, they are updating the verification policies that have the groundwork for future improvements by establishing the meaning of verification and why some accounts might lose the blue badge verification to confirm that the process is now more equal. They are starting by explaining the types of remarkable accounts served by verification. According to the advanced policy, the blue badge of verification will let people know that the account is genuine. To get the blue badge, your account must be active and well-known. Moreover, to know about updates on other social media platforms like Facebook, check out our blogs.

Here are The Six Types Of Accounts That Twitter is Identifying To Start:

  • Government
  • News
  • Sports
  • Companies, Brands, and Non- Profit Organizations
  • Entertainment
  • Activists, Organizers, and Other Influential Individuals

These were the new Twitter updates for its verification policies. For more authentic information, head on to Twitter’s website.

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