Everything you need to know about The Rock’s first DC movie

Dwayne Johnson, The Rock’ will play the character of the legendary hero’s greatest enemy, Black Adam Since, The Rock is one of the world’s most successful and famous heroes. The importance of Black Adam is increasing in the DCEU. Although Black Adam is not necessarily the first Shazam moviD.C., DC declared that Black Adam will be staring in his movie. Here is all you will know about the Rock’s first DC movie.

Even more mysterious, there is a rumour that he might perform in Aquaman too. Suicide Squad and the in-development Gotham City proved thD.C. DC does not mind the villains getting the cinematic spotlight. But Black Adam getting so much fame and appreciation came as a surprise.  

Although there is still a long time for the movie to be released, here, we have a comprehensive list of things you would need to know about Black Adam before releasing it on the big screens. All the details are listed below, where he came from, what is the plot, when and where is he coming out, and who he is, black adam.

Where Did He Come From

Black Adam’s history

Two individuals are interlinking with Black Adam- Teth-Adam and Theo Adam. Teth Adam is his original form, and Theo Adam is his descendent.

Beginning from the Teth-Adam, he was recognized initially in tD.C. DC continuity from ancient Egypt. Today, his home country is changed to a fictional country Khandaq. Because DC continuity is constantly moving around and relaunching Black Adam’s history, it experienced several changes. Thus, they will cover only the most essential details.

The comic book series 1994 ‘The Power of Shazam!’ showed that Teth-Adam is the son of Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II. He impressed the wizard Shazam, who granted him the powers to become the superhuman Mighty Adam after saying the wizard’s name.

For ages, Mighty Adam used his powers to protect Egypt from the enemies, who were later damaged by a woman, Blaze, shazam’s daughter. Mighty Adam became a villain and turning himself into Black Adam. When the wizard learned the dark side of the Teth-Adam, he took all his powers back from him, due to which Teth-Adam’s caught up to his age rapidly and finally died.

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The plot of The Movie

There is no official synopsis of the plot of Black Adam yet. Looking at the trailer, the storyline and history of Black Adam will be in connection with modern redundancy. He used to be a captive in Khandaq. He gets power from the Shazam wizard, goes corrupt, gets imprisoned, and is now escaped. But, till the time the trailer is not released, it is all in the air.

The plot of Black Adam
When & where is Black Adam coming out?

Black Adam will be released on June 29, 2022, in tU.S..S. Initially, it was set to be released in December 2021 but was postponed to June 29, 2022, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Now will probably display the movie in the theatres rather than being broadcast on streaming services like HBO GO. The trailer of the film was released on August 23, 2020.

The Black Adam movie has been in progress for more than a decade.

Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’ has led in Black Adam with his Seven.

Bucks production company and producer Hiram Garcia, years back in 2014, expressed his excitement to play the character of his favourite comic book. He said that Black Adam was an antihero, and he loved that. This was one of the things company admired and loved about Black Adam. He loved that the line is a little blurred and that he had his sense of justice.

Who is Black Adam?
Black Adam

Black Adam’s official bio on D.C. DC comic website says that Black Adam played the role of both a hero and a villain for over a life span of thousands of years. He was the first champion who was chosen by the shazam, and don’t get confused with the caped superhero Shazam, to become a magically granted hero. His bio says that Teth-Adam, or Mighty Adam, was a hero of humanity initially, but then his powers got corrupted, corrupting his ideals and desires. Now, Black Adam was banished by Shazam but then returned today. A common enemy of the Earth’s heroes, Black Adam thinks that he is an appropriate leader to lead humanity. Also, he believes that the actions he takes will be good necessarily. Therefore, Black Adam is an ‘antihero’, although his name is Black Adam. It is not shocking that he sets more bad than good.

That is why there are two Shazams. One is a caped superhero who was given the title of Captain Marvel and that becomes more complicating realizing that there are Marvel Comics that have their own Captain Marvel character.

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