Let’s Discover the World of the Harry Potter Villains

Were you not fascinated by Harry Potter and his life, because I still am. I still do Harry Potter Marathon on weekends, and those are one of the best weekends spent. Today, in this blog, We will be reading about some harsh Harry Potter villains

As a child, I used to watch Harry Potter and dream of having such powers. Hogwart was my dream place. We Potterhead’s are crazy. I don’t think so you would have missed watching any of the movies or reading the book series; if you are a Potterhead. We are here to talk about the powerful and deadly villain that Harry Potter encountered. Obviously, there were the main two crazy powerful villains. But how can we ignore the villains that made the series more deadly? We will be reading about the cruellest Harry Potter villains.

First, we have Barty Crouch, Jr, A lover of committing crimes. He was also an essential person for Dark Lord’s return. He was a clever and cruel enthusiast and a great actor. Barty enjoyed killing people while he was in service of the Dark Lord.

Then we have the Bellatrix Lestrange, who was not too clever but damn powerful. Her brutality was unmeasured. And, the way Bella’s devotion suffered no equal to her masters. You can try haggling her with a hurricane if she is chasing you. But, you would end up in a natural disaster. She loved torturing and punishing people for her entertainment purposes.

The Lord Voldemort/Tom Marvolo Riddle. A snake-man burns the world and finishes it if it is for his survival. Who never carried the guilt of killing someone or destroying something. He was an insane man, a cold and powerful snake-man. He valued his life so much that no one else’s mattered anymore to him. His vacillation directed to an affection for the exaggerated drama.

Severus Snape had a magical solution for any problem that occurs. Hence, he always knew what to do next. Snape has the power of knowing what to do and how to do it. Although, we can not say that he was a deadly villain. Even without knowing, he was more of an obstacle than a partner to Voldemort for the crimes.

Harry Potter Villains
Harry Potter Villains

Some of My Favorite Harry Potter Villains

Dementors are the most dangerous and worst of all the characters. Dementors guard Azkaban, the house of the most deadly magical wizard creature in the world. You can neither run from them nor ignore them. They carry sadness wherever they travel and aim to suck out happiness from every corner they step. It is not easy to banish them; you would need advanced magical skills to do that. They love to kiss to remove the criminal’s soul.

The person who is trusted most by Lord Voldemort and is his right-hand partner is Nagini. He even sent her on a mission to capture Harry Potter by herself; that is how much Voldemort’s trust is in Nagini. Her attacks are as deadly as her, and at times it becomes impossible to recover from her attacks.

Aligned themselves with Lord Voldemort, the Giants are the most hated creatures who are deadly and violent. The spells don’t work at them as it bounces back. Giants were some fearless soldiers in the Battle of Hogwarts.

The one who has his reputation by his introduction Aragog is a nightmare. He has social control and power over his spider community. He is one giant spider army by himself, so strong and powerful that he can take you down in seconds.

A constant enemy of Harry Potter, Darco Malfoy, followed harry everywhere to bully him whenever he gets a chance.

How can we forget Professor Quirrel, Lord Voldemort’s vessel; Who kept Voldemort and live threat for everyone. A shy and quiet person who ends up serving Voldemort to feel important. Becoming the servant helped him to stay suspect less of trying to steal Philosopher’s/Soccerer’s Stone.

Dursleys were legit the main villains in Harry’s life. The way the ill-mannered treated him for all those years was mean. They mistreat him, insult him, and made him feel vulnerable and unwanted.

 Peter Pettigrew had skills of avoiding punishments like death by Voldemort. A coward boy who was loyal to no one. Peter had abilities to convert into an Animagus but, he chooses to be a rat for years. He was the one who kept Dark Lord alive.

Salazar Slytherin was one of the founders of Hogwart with unimaginable powers. He had his darkest secret and robust legacy in his Chamber of Secrets. He was also known for fighting with other founders regarding the blood status of his pupils at school.

More such villains caused harm to Harry at some point in time. But, these were some of the Harry Potter Villains who caused some real harm. We know, you are among many of the Harry potter fans, and really want to know and read more about it. You can check out more Harry Potter Universe related blogs on our website.

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