Did you know? TV shows that were canceled and then continued successfully

TV shows have found new life after being bailed out by networks in a last-minute battle in recent years.  

We were mentally beyond reproach, ‘the Modern Family alum told Us Weekly at the time. One Life to Live agrees with the actress. “I think we’re still processing that,” she said. ‘We still don’t think it’s over. 

Beatriz added that the cancellation was “observed on Twitter in a way that none of us would have thought possible. The cancellation of The Mindy Project was ultimately a good thing, as the show was broadcast on Hulu. It’s rare to do a show that has a journey like Mindy’s and goes through all these different formats and doesn’t know if you’re going to come back and revive more episodes of it, ‘she told Deadline in November 2017.    

You’re in the middle of it, and you don’t realize it, which is a huge blessing. It’s been a rollercoaster ride of everything. You come back after so many years, you want to be able to finish the show on my own terms, and that’s a rare gift. 

‘The Mindy Project

Mindy noted that the shift in networks coincided with Hulu’s more open format, which gave us the time and content of the show to get to the point where it became darker and edgier. ‘There are people on the show who have been there in recent years who have been trampled underfoot and to be able to leave the mask on Hulu and say you can do as many episodes as you want.    

‘All Rise’

CBS ceased the series in early 2021 after the second season ended but secured the rights to the existing episodes and renewed the series for a third season with 20 episodes.    

The people who work behind the scenes are our loyal supporters, “tweeted torchbearer MacandPat of StageFrightFixr.   

‘Cougar Town’

NBC stopped the former NBC drama in May 2012 but ran it for another three seasons on TBS. After being preserved by Fox in May 2015, Hulu picked up the show and created three more seasons. 


Netflix has revived the series for a fourth and final season in August 2021. Fans and the show’s creators have been lobbying for the show’s return, and it topped Netflix’s top 10 content list for several weeks in a row.    

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

Fox canceled the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” series in May 2018, allowing NBC to save the series through a Twitter campaign. Twitter went wild when Fox canceled the show in May 2018, and celebrities like Lin-Manuel Miranda and Mark Hamill courted the front, leading NBC to rip it up. Fans refused to accept that the show would be canceled by NBC in March 2019.    


They ended the series in June 2018 after another season of specials and a two-part finale.   


 ABC canceled the show in May 2016, but CMT allowed it to run for two more seasons after the main character’s death, played by Connie Britton. ABC canceled the show again in May 2018. 


Yahoo rescued the musical drama after NBC refused to renew it for the sixth season, and fans of the six-season film Mantra in May 2014.

‘Designated Survivor’

Netflix brought Designated Survivor back for another season before canceling the project. 

‘Last Man Standing’

ABC ended the sitcom in May 2017, though Fox revived the series a year later. 

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