What are your most memorable Michael Douglas movies or TV shows?

Michael Douglas is essentially the king of Hollywood, and together with their late father, Kirk, are legends of their craft. Young Douglas is still strong at the peak of his career and has unforgettable performances. Here is our ranking of his top 10 roles.    

Alex Gromberg (“It Runs in the Family”)

This comedy-drama from 2003 can hardly be considered a success, but there is definitely a sentimental aspect that can not be overlooked or even celebrated at different levels.   

The movie is pretty easy to forget, and starring Douglas alongside his real father, the late great Kirk Douglas, his father and son on-screen dynamics are touching, even if they don’t stand out. Michael Douglas’ son Cameron is also present, but seeing two Douglas legends on-screen is quite remarkable on this list. 

Alex Coblenz (“Haywire”)

In this Action-Film by Steven Soderbergh from 2011, Douglas CIA agent Alex Koblenz intrigues with a mystery that makes him one of his most mysterious characters.   

This is also the case where. Douglas inadvertently stands out by not taking on the lead and drawing too much attention to himself, but the film is a mixture of the good and the mediocre but. He deserves attention. Douglas and the renowned action director Ridley Scott have teamed up in this hit thriller.    

Michael Douglas

Nick Conklin (“Black Rain”)

As we shall see, Douglas is comfortable playing the cop. In this case, New York City Police Officer Nick Conklin was targeted by internal affairs and involved in a case involving the Japanese crime syndicate. This eventually takes him to Japan, where the fun starts. 

Ben Kalmen (“Solitary Man”)

Perhaps the casual fan of Michael Douglas isn’t familiar with this underrated character in the 2009 film.    

Carmen is a car salesman who deals with health problems and the possibility of imminent death, so he is utterly bored of living his life, seemingly cocky without any restrictions.  

Nicholas Van Orton (“The Game”)

In 1997 The Game caused a lot of buzz before its release, with lots of viewers flocking to get tickets early.   

Nicholas Van Orton is a somewhat tortured banker, separated from his family but offering him the opportunity for outstanding and psychologically charged entertainment to celebrate his 48th birthday.    

There are many twists and turns in this film that become predictable over time.    

Hank Pym (“Ant-Man,” “Ant-Man and the Wasp,” “Avengers: Endgame”)

Pym, an entomologist and physicist who was once an agent of SHIELD, is vital in the title role – A bit eccentric and always considerate for better or worse – so he prepares a costume to prevent Scott Lang’s mentor (Paul Rudd) from working. Pym lost contact with reality at an advanced age, but he cannot stop trying to improve his creations or projects, often without thinking about any offshoots.    

Inspector Steve Keller (“Streets of San Francisco”)

For just over four seasons, Douglas starred in the hit drama in the 1970s as the famed homicide inspector and the honourable Karl Malden – there was undoubtedly a mentor-agent relationship, and Douglas always praised Malden for advancing his Hollywood career. As we have seen and continue to point out, Douglas seems to feel more comfortable and confident as an actor when he puts himself in the shoes of a law enforcement character.    

Gavin Hatch (“Will & Grace”)

Douglas received an Emmy nomination for his guest appearance on season four episode “Feigel’s Attraction” when Will (Eric McCormack) files a police report after his laptop was stolen, Det. Hatch investigates the case, and they both go into hiding.    

However, in this erotic psychological thriller, Will may not know that his new detective friend and best friend Jack (Sean Hayes) are members of the same gay therapy group. Sure the Oscar nominees Glenn Close and Anne Archer Douglas outshined in this erotic thriller, but it is still one of his most memorable roles.   

Dan Gallagher (“Fatal Attraction”)

Dan Gallagher is a successful family man who succumbs to his prime appetite and is in a relationship with a sexy but psychotic woman and then tries to remove her from his life, Dan is weak both mentally and emotionally, and he practically deserves the trials he went through. It is interesting to see how Douglas, ordinarily confident, plays such a submissive character. 

Richard Adams (“The China Syndrome”)

The film had Jack Lemmon and Jane Fonda nominated for an Oscar for their role in this 1979 nuclear fusion disaster film, while Douglas also received praise for his role as a curious and determined operator trying to discover what is going on at Ventana Nuclear Plant. This effort enabled Douglas, who also produced the film, to expand his cinematic skills.    

 Robert Wakefield (“Traffic”) Douglas and director Steven Soderbergh definitely have a story of their own, and 2000 Traffic is undoubtedly the highlight of their collaboration. Douglas plays a conservative judge trying to wage war on drugs closer to home than he imagines; as a result, he finds himself in a conflict between professional beliefs and family responsibilities

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