‘Black Adam’ Trailer Unveiled a DC Comic Antihero

After some setbacks, director Jaume Collet-Black Serra’s Black Adam, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, will finally get featured in theatres this fall as a new Black Adam trailer just got released, revealing the film’s titular antihero as he rises to power in the modern era.

The trailer shows Dwayne Johnson mowing down his foes while dressed in the iconic black and yellow outfit from the comic books. The Justice Society of America, a superhero squad that predates the Justice League by several decades, is also introduced in the teaser.

It’s Black Adam vs Hawkman in the ‘Black Adam’ Trailer

The Black Adam trailer was released on Wednesday, providing us with a glimpse into the antihero’s genesis tale. The trailer reveals Black Adam in the film must choose between being a hero or a villain.

And it appears that he chooses the darker path.

While Johnson’s Black Adam is the centre of attention, the new teaser also includes glimpses of some of DC’s most beloved characters in gorgeous live-action renditions.

Hawkman in full Thanagarian armour, golden wings spread wide as he prepares for battle, is the subject of one particularly excellent image. The role of Hawkman is being played by Aldis Hodge.

In the next DC film, Dwayne Johnson’s titular antihero will fight head-to-head with Aldis Hodge’s Hawkman, according to the trailer.

Who is ‘Black Adam’?

Warner Bros. released the first official ‘Black Adam’ trailer starring Dwayne Johnson, giving audiences our first extended look.

In the original comics, Black Adam is a corrupted Egyptian with a complicated past. Teth-Adam is his real name, and the wizard Shazam bestows upon him the same abilities as Shazam.

However, after he has amassed enough power, he becomes evil. He makes the decision to conquer the globe, beginning with Egypt.

But comic book plots are not rigid, and Black Adam’s story has been altered multiple times since his debut. You could spend months catching up on all of his plots by going through old issues.

There’s no doubt that you won’t need to know anything about Black Adam’s comic history to enjoy the film; DC isn’t about to exclude a large portion of the audience.

What are his powers?

He possesses the abilities of Shazam, whose name originally stood for Solomon’s wisdom, Hercules’ strength, Atlas’ stamina, Zeus’ might, Achilles’ courage, and Mercury’s speed. (These abilities are eventually attributed to Egyptian gods in his comic history.)

In any case, he’s like Superman: he’s got everything. When Black Adam is hit in the face with an iron rod in the movie trailer, he doesn’t blink and then throws the person who hit him a long distance. He’s also immune to automatic weapon fire and has the ability to fly. He’s also good at catching rockets.

Is ‘Black Adam’ a hero or a villain?

Initially, he was a villain. In the movie, he appears to be leaning in that direction. But, because moviegoers adore The Rock, Warner Bros. may be tempted to give him a discovery that transforms him into a decent guy.

“I admire Dwayne Johnson’s star power and how he’s the Hollywood action hero man, but Black Adam is a lot more fascinating as a villain,” one YouTube commentator writes in response to the video.

Black Adam has been a major opponent in previous Shazam! Books, although he doesn’t appear to be a full-fledged villain in this film. Instead, he appears to be cast as an antihero in the film.

Who are the other characters in the trailer?

While Johnson’s Black Adam is the star of the show, the new teaser also takes the time to show off some of DC’s most iconic characters in gorgeous live-action renderings.


‘Hawkman’ in full Thanagarian armour, golden wings spread wide as he prepares for battle, is the subject of one particularly fantastic image. Aldis Hodge is playing the character of ‘Hawkman’.

In the film trailer, Pierce Brosnan appears featured. He portrays Kent Nelson/Doctor, a Justice Society of America member and the son of an archaeologist.

Atom Smasher

There’s also a brief glimpse of ‘Atom Smasher’ shrinking while sprinting down a crowded street, pushing automobiles out of the path like toys.

Noah Centineo is playing the character of ‘Atom Smasher’.

Atom Smasher’s size change is also quite fluid, demonstrating that the hero has complete control over his body size even when engaged in vicious combat with an unknown threat.


Quintessa Swindell is playing the character of ‘Cyclone’ in the movie.

Maxine Hunkel/Cyclone, who has the ability to control wind and generate sound, are among the other JSA members featured in the film.

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