Nick Cannon announced his ninth child!

Nick Cannon always stays in the limelight, whether for acting, hosting or Parenting. Well, this time, it is for his Parenting. The Rapper, Actor and American TV Host Nick Cannon has announced that he is expecting his ninth child. The actor revealed the news on Angela Yee’s “Lip Service” Podcast. Earlier, he created the buzz by confirming that he expects his eighth child with model Bre Tiesi.

In his rapidly growing family, speculations are high about who will be the mother of his ninth child. People are wondering if it could be Abby De La Rosa, who earlier in May 2022 revealed that she is pregnant again without disclosing the name of the father.

Carefree Cannon

Presently, Nick is the father of seven children (the eighth child passed away) from his five partners. He has become the father of four children in the last two years, three of which were born last year. The rapper has been outspoken about his children and even jokes that he is unaware of his children’s count. In 2021, Cannon expressed that he feels blessed after having so many children and will be happy to have more.

At the podcast, he was asked about the rumours of three more children this year; he commented that – It is possible, and he has an idea of breaking his own record of children. 

However, he’s been through a lot in the last year. His son Zen (five months old) died from a brain tumor, and his new relationship with Bre Tiesi drew a lot of attention. A TV show was also get cancelled. So much has changed from last year, but his carefree attitude toward having more children hasn’t changed a bit.

He also faced chastised for his enormous family, and he’s been the target of a barrage of jokes, including pranks from his close friend, Kevin Hart.

Cannon’s Vasectomy move

The 41-year-old, Masked Singer host made headlines last month when he revealed that he is looking for Vasectomy Consultation. This is a totally different perspective than the comedian has previously expressed.

“I already had a consultation for a vasectomy. I’m not looking to populate the Earth completely, but I am looking forward to caring for and loving all of the children I now have,” stated Nick in an interview.

Nick Cannon has stated on numerous occasions that he considers himself “fortunate” to have so many children. In an interview, he calls his children “gifts” and claims they give him “meaning” in his life. But his vasectomy move took everyone by surprise.

Although “consultation” is just an initial step toward ending his “kids” producing saga, nothing can be assured now.

Never-ending Relationship of Nick Cannon

Mariah Carey

The only official marriage of Nick Cannon was to singer Mariah Carey. The couple tied the knot in 2008 and became parents of twins Moroccan and Monroe. The couple called off their marriage in 2016.

Brittany Bell

Miss Gaum 2014, Brittany Bell was next in the life of Nick Cannon. The duo never tied the knot, and in their ON and OFF relationship, they welcomed their son Golden in 2017. They also become parents of a daughter named “Powerful Queen”  in 2020.

Abby De La Rosa

International DJ Abby De La Rosa was Nick Cannon’s next love interest. They never announced their relationship. Two months before their child’s birth, she shared her pregnancy details. It was later the birth of the child Abby opened up about her relationship with Nick in an Instagram post.  The couple welcomed twin babies, Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir.

Alyssa Scott

Nick Cannon’s next affair was with Alyssa Scott, known for modelling. In June 2021, the couple became parents of a baby boy named Zen. Interestingly, it was the same time when Abby also became the mother of Nick’s children. Tragically, the baby Zen passed away due to a brain tumor.

Bre Tiesi

Tiesi met Nick Cannon a decade ago in the popular MTV Series Wild’ N OUT. Bre Tiesi became a fitness influencer, investor and businesswoman. The relationship of Tiesi and Cannon had a song ON and song OFF since their first meeting. But in January this year, the couple announced they were expecting a boy. The baby boy will be the eighth child of Nick Cannon and the first of Bre Tiesi.      

Upcoming shows of Cannon

Nick Cannon announced that In 2022, the Wild’ N Out Live Tour would take place in the United States, combining comedy and game show elements.

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