Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Minicamp Highlights

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were back at their practise field on Wednesday for the second session of their mandatory minicamp as they prepare for the NFL season.

With the exception of a few injured players, the Buccaneers were fully engaged on the field as they attempt to get their summer off to a fantastic start.


Return of Tom Brady to Tampa Bay Buccaneers

With the temps rising and Tom Brady returning to put on his own show, the Buccaneers noted an increase in energy at the opening of minicamp on Tuesday.

After retiring for six weeks, the Bucs quarterback had his busiest offseason, starring and acting in films and securing TV deals.

Brady returned to full-squad practise for the first time since his March comeback.

Brady spent a significant portion of the 90-minute workout acclimating himself to newer targets (like Darden and tight end Codey McElroy) and re-establishing his rhythm with more proven ones, with longtime target Rob Gronkowski still unsigned and receiver Chris Godwin still recovering from knee surgery (like Mike Evans, Leonard Fournette).

The Brady intensity was in midseason form, even if the timing wasn’t.

Jensen remarked, “He expects excellence all the time.” “It’s indeed Day 1 of minicamp, and he hasn’t been here, but when he returns, it’s as if his expectation hasn’t changed, so it was nice. Today’s practice was a lot more competitive as a result of that. It was a fast-paced environment.

NFL Fans React to Tom Brady

A video of Tom Brady’s message to supporters was posted on the Buccaneers’ Twitter account on Tuesday.

As the team prepares for picture day, Brady sends out a message to get fans excited for the upcoming season.

Although he appeared calm and composed in the tweet, it’s no secret how enraged the three-time NFL MVP can become when he’s in the middle of a football field.

Aside from the general reactions, which seemed to share Brady’s enthusiasm for the next season, a few Twitter users seemed more eager to see Gronkowski back in a Buccaneers shirt and curious about his location.

One Twitter user urged the Buccaneers and Brady to bring Gronkowski back for their Super Bowl tour.

Bucs Fans Showing Disrespect Towards Former Player

Buccaneers fans can be difficult to satisfy. Poor performance has produced an odd relationship within the fandom, with some people hailing every decision made by the players and the franchise as brilliant, while others are never pleased.

In this instance, both sets of fans are incorrect. Even though a fan loves their team more than most other things, there is a healthy level of dissent that can exist inside a fan towards their team.

You have to be able to think sensibly about these things, and regrettably, the discourse about Gerald McCoy in Tampa has been anything but sensible since his departure.

Why do Bucs Fans Hate McCoy?

When McCoy was on the squad, the Buccaneers were horrible. Because McCoy was on the squad, they weren’t horrible. For most of his career, Lavonte David, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and others can be said in the same way. It’s clear that we don’t need to go any further.

His lack of double-digit sacks in a season irritates fans. That has never been a legitimate metric for a defensive lineman on the interior. Find a statistic that does not rely on sacks to validate a player’s performance.

McCoy’s move to the Panthers has angered fans. So, if you don’t want to lose someone, don’t cut them.

Fans also forget that moving McCoy and Suh had little effect on the squad as a whole.

The defence was transformed under Todd Bowles’ approach. Tom Brady resurrected the franchise.

On a terrible club, McCoy was a fantastic player. Suh was a fantastic player on a fantastic squad. McCoy was on the squad for a longer period of time, won more individual trophies, and racked up more stats.

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