Are you excited to know some facts that you never knew about ‘Toy Story’?

Toy Story is one of the most influential films of the last 50 years, and no exaggeration. Here are three facts that should not be taken for granted. Tim Allen wasn’t a big star back then. Back then, there were no giants in the film industry. We were still using computer-generated animations.  

Fact 1

When Toy Story came out, it was the first computer-animated feature film. Computer animation has since been used in movies, including Disney’s own Tron. But Toy Story has taken things to a whole new level. We’ve added a few more facts to tell the story of what makes Toy Story so crucial beyond the little things. Toy Story was a sequel to the short film Tin Toy (1988).   

Fact 2

It made history when it became the first computer-generated film to win Best Animated Short Film at the Oscars. Directed by John Lasseter, who made his feature film debut with ToyStory. Pixar was founded in 1986 and bought by Steve Jobs. In the days before Pixar owned Disney and other entertainment companies, this was not the case, and it was time to start producing the film. Pixar maintained its autonomy during this time, which led to Toy Story becoming its first feature film.    

Fact 3

Each film has an author and an author. It’s a bit different with animated films. Toy-Story has more writers than most.  

Fact 4

The script is attributed to four different people: Andrew Stanton, Joel Cohen, Alec Sokolow, and Joss Whedon. On top of that, four people get story credits: David Fincher, John Lasseter, Steven Soderbergh, and John Carter.    

Fact 5

You probably already know Andy’s last name. He’s the human lead in Toy Story but falls by the wayside in Woody and Buzz.   

Fact 6

Everyone calls him Andy. Even his mother calls him Andy, Woody, Buzz, Woody Jr., and Buzz Buzz’s dad. As such, you may not remember his last name. Well, by the way, Sid has a surname of Phillip. That’s his name, Andy Phillips.    

Fact 7

We mentioned earlier that Woody was from the beginning part of the Toy Story plan. The two top toys in Toy Story are not Woody and Buzz. Tinny, the Tin Musician, is also a toy from the short film Tin Toy, which stars. And then there’s Woody, who was the leading toy in the original ToyStory.    

Fact 8

In the original re-run of ToyStory, it was Woody who was the villain who defeated the toy. But it was a very different character. For starters, it’s a ventriloquist dummy that doesn’t speak like a cowboy toy. So he’s the villain of the story.    

Fact 9

Once they decided on a space character, it took them a few attempts to find a name. At first, it was Lunar Larry, but then they switched to Tempu, which turned into an absolute breeze. Then Tinny got the ax, and the story changed quite a bit.    

Fact 10

So Toy-Story became an unequal pair of Woody and Buzz. Once they got used to each other, they started looking for inspiration for a buddy comedy. These included hard-R films such as Midnight Run and 48 Hrs. Production of Toy Story began in 1993. It took a lot of time and hours of work to make the film.   

Fact 11

There is a clear difference in Newman’s work on the soundtrack. He wrote his hit “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” in just one day.

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