Did you know, You would not need Disney+ Premier access to watch Pixar’s new release?

Pixar has a new release with its latest animation, “LUCA,” plus, it’s like the most suitable time to sit at your home and watch this movie with your family.

 The movie is wholesome in itself. Furthermore, Luca is Pixar’s second shortest movie after they released ‘Toy Story.

Where can we watch it and how?

Luca started streaming on Disney+ on the 18th of June and has already taken away the hearts of many families. People love the movie, and the best part is that it is available on Disney+. So, you can sit at home and have a chill movie night with your family.

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Do you need a subscription to Disney+? 

Well, if you still haven’t signed up to Disney+, this  is your sign. The platform is a bundle of joy with incredible movies and packages so, get signed up now.

However, did you know that Luca does not need Disney+ Premier Access? You can easily stream the Movie on Disney+ without any extra charge.

Let’s see what ‘Luca’ the movie has for us.

With the essence Pixar has in its film this movie has something more than that. With a heartwarming story for a perfect movie time, Luca is a blend of everything in it. The film is an amalgam of things that you would connect the most to. It bestows you what growing up, exploring, learning, making deep friendships, and how their main characters are going through these life phases—a beautiful story with fabulous characters and their life journey.

The movie revolves around two young shape-shifting sea monsters and their unlikely friendship. The story is running behind Italian scenarios. The movie’s main characters are Luca and Alberto, who is seen having the time of their lives during their summer holidays. 

The secret of the movie lies in the identity that Luca is trying to hide from the world.

Directed by famous Academy Award Nominee Enrico Casarose, Luca is one of his best works. Andrea Warren produces the movie; most people might be familiar with her since she also made famous movies like cars 3, Lava. 

What is the cost of a regular subscription for Disney+?

The membership plan Disney+ offers starts at $7.99 for a month, and if you are looking for a yearly membership, the program starts at $79.99 only.

Disney+ is a bundle of joy wrapped up with fantastic movies that can always cheer up your day.

Did you know that you can also stream a movie night with a maximum of six friends of yours on Disney+? However, the other six people would also need a membership to be a part of your group watch. So, call up your friends and schedule a Luca Movie night with them on Disney+.

Regular subscription cost for Disney+?
Is Pixar planning to screen the movie in theatres?

 There is; however, gossip going on the internet regarding the movie’s release in Theaters. In reply, Pixar says that just like their soul, this movie will be a Disney+ exclusive.

 It’s weird for Pixar not to put his movie on Disney Premier access or a theatre. Unfortunately, though, people are still locating an answer to it as when asked to Pixar; their reply was not very satisfactory to the audience. They said that the employees at Pixar are miffed with the decision Disney took by making the movie Disney+ exclusive.

Is Disney planning to shift Luca to the premiere access users any time soon?

According to the sources, Disney has not said anything about shifting the movie to premiere access. So, for now, you can wait for your perfect family night and watch the film whenever you want as long as Disney keeps the movie in their library.

Now that you know everything, you needed to watch the ‘LUCA.’ 

Don’t waste more time and get a standard subscription for more amazing content to entertain you. Moreover, if you already are a Disney+ member, log in to your account, grab some snacks and watch the movie.

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