Are You Curious Enough To Dig Into The Connections Between These Two Items Present In MCU Movies?

How big of a fan are you of Iron Man? Have you ever re-think the similarities between Iron Man’s suit and E.D.I.T.H. drones? Recalling the E.D.I.T.H. drone from Spider-man: Far from Home, those drones could conceive an illusion. The illusions created by the drone were real enough for any human. All the Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) curiosity freak geeks, after watching the movies, started comparing technologies used in the E.D.I.T.H. drones similarities to Iron man suits. You would have to watch the movie sharply to recognize the similarity of technologies between these two items present in MCU movies. We have picked up the similarities that came into notice to us. Scroll down, and check if you noticed these identities while watching the film or if you missed it?

Both were launched from a satellite.

Recalling back the most epic scene from Avengers: Age of Ultron, there was a historic fight scene between Hulk and Iron man.

When Bruce banner converts into Hulk due to Wanda’s eerie thoughts, Iron man hindered him with the help of Hulkbuster, which was initially designed by him and Banner. The Hulkbuster was launched from a satellite that destroyed and damaged a lot of parts of the world. In the same way, in Spider-man: Far from Home, when Peter asks E.D.I.T.H. to kill Brad Davis inside the bus,

 E.D.I.T.H.’s drone was launched from a satellite.

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Both had cameras installed.

Did you notice that in both movies, the drone and the suit had inbuilt cameras? Where in spider man movie, the camera in E.D.I.T.H. helped Beck watch live footage; in Avengers, the Iron Man suit’s camera helped him analyze the design pattern of Steve’s plan and his defence attacks.

The A.I. Gameplay
The A.I. Gameplay.

When Iron Man’s first AI was JARVIS, then MCU later changed the Jarvis AI character to FRIDAY in the movie Avengers. While, in the film SPider man, The A.I. character was itself the E.D.I.T.H. drone.

The similarities also reached the point where we saw that the A.I. in Spiderman was controlled by Iron man’s glasses gifted to parker by Nick Furry, which later was passed to Quentin Beck.

Beck also came out be the main Criminal. She was an ex-employee at Stark Industries Employee; after her death, Peter retrieved the control of E.D.I.T.H and finished other drones.

Both could fly.

We all know that Iron man can fly when he has his suit with him. Recapture the scene in your mind where Iron man fled beyond Earth to help Doctor Strange from Maw. E.D.I.T.H. drones also carried the ability to fly. Beck used the drones to destroy and finish a lot of places.

Both had inbuilt Flamethrowers.

The drone and the suit both had inbuilt flamethrowers. The first suit that Tony Stark designed, Mark I, had a flamethrower that used to turn enemies into ashes. And, the flames that the drone used to throw were able to destroy a considerable property. 

Oh, how can we forget the Red Lazer?

In most of the MCU movies, the red laser from the Iron Man suit was used. That Red Lazer was able to break into anything and was capable of finishing villains too. Getting back to the E.D.I.T.H drone also had a red laser that helped it go through a door.

The MiniGuns.

Both of them had attached to them these miniguns. War machine suit carried a minigun the same way it was with the case. The miniguns helped Iron man to kill the enemies and remove the obstacles coming his way. In the same way, the drone could also fire bullets at people on either of Beck’s or Parker’s command.

In the end, we have Shockwaves.

The technology of Shockwaves was initially developed by Stark Industries. The first time Shockwaves was used was in The Incredible Hulk movie when Hulk was attacked by Blonksy’s and Ross’s Ross’s army. It was also used by War machine in Captain America: Civil Wars, and the Drones also carried the same Shockwaves technology. Those were capable of evading Parker’s attack by continuously torturing him with shockwaves. So, these were the similarities we were able to pick up. You can go watch all the parts again and add on more similarities if you find any.

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