Warner Bros Introduces Superman in Black Avatar

We are all familiar with the character of mighty Superman, an iconic character introduced to the world by DC comics. In the past, the characters were played by many actors ranging from Christopher Reeve to Brandon Routh. In the most recent movies, the Kryptonian, Henry Cavill bought this character into action flawlessly as the new Superman in Black!

Recently there have been talks of black Superman movies, with J.J. Abrams and Hannah Minghle as the producers and Black Panther comics writer Ta-Nehisi Coates penning the screenplay. With these big names on board, Warner Bros is looking forward to re-introducing the franchise entirely by bringing the new character in the DC multi-verse, albeit there is no mention of a particular name as the director of the movie but, WB is bento n having a black director who has proved their talent with their success such as Berry Jenkins and Ryan Coogler, as per The Hollywood reporter.

Even though there is no mention of any names for the actor taking on the role of Superman. The Internet is still assuming that it is Michael B.Jordan to play the mighty Kryptonian on earth. In an interview, the actor said, “I’m flattered that people have me that conversation. It’s definitely a compliment, but I’m just watching on this one.” 

High Expectations from the New Avatar of Superman

The Hollywood Reporter also says that the origins of this story will from the comic books. Hence, the hero comes to rescue and safe his destroyed planet; Earth. Therefore, making it similar to the story of the original Superman.

Warner Bros seems to have plans to change the story in its entirety by introducing the new character after the success of the recent Synder’s cut justice league and bringing a new and compelling member in the Justice League to help them in a war against one of the most powerful antagonists in the DC universe, Darkseid. Although the tale of a black Superman might be new for movies, it has its mentions and stories of origin in the comics.

The Superman in Back – Comics Reference!

With the possibility of an infinite number of the universe, stories of many different types of Superman have been prevalent, having entirely different personalities and stories to cover their past, some of the most prominent ones being Lord Superman from justice lords, Superman Beyond from the Batman Beyond, Superman Red Son and many more apart from the “main” Superman. 

There have been two prominent mentions of black Superman in the comics, namely Calvin Ellis and Val-Zod having different stories and personalities.

  • Val-Zod- The character of Val-Zod, who is one of the black Superman to exist in the DC multiverse, had his first mention in Earth 2 issue number 19 in 2014. He got his title of Superman after the original Superman Kal-El of that universe was considered dead. Being a Kryptonian as the original Superman, most of his powers are strength, super speed, agility, and all others very similar to that of Kal-El. The thing that makes him different is his very superior intellect gained after deep studies of Kryptonian science.

In the comics, he is described as a pacifist , one of the very few in the universe to take on a brainwashed Superman.

  • Calvin Ellis (President Superman)- During a presidential campaign in 2008, former President Barack Obama cracked a joke at an event saying, “Contrary to the rumors you have heard, I was not born in a manger ” he continued “I was actually born on Krypton and sent here by my father, Jor-el, to save the planet Earth.” Later on, after the interview, an artist Alex Ross came up with a painting with President Obama in a painting with a similar pose as Superman, tearing open his shirt with an “O” on his suit instead of “S”. This gave Comic writer Grant Morris the inspiration for a black Superman resulting n the birth of Calvin Ellis.

We are Eagerly Waiting for The Superman in Black Avatar, Are You?

As per the comics, Calvin Ellis has a similar story of coming from Krypton. But apart from the superpowers of strength, freezing breath, laser eyes and other similar to Superman, he also has power over humanity as a President of the United States.The president Superman, as per the comic stories, fought alongside the Justice League members in an Apocalyptic timeline with the Title Final Crisis.

Though, the story or actors are not decided yet, the fans sure are ready and excited for the introduction of new character. This character can bring along a set of new possibilities in the multi-verse. Though, There our people really supporting the makers and the idea of making this movie.

While Warner Bros are introducing the Superman in Black, their rivals, MCU are also planning to launch a new avengers team. We really want to see which one comes out to be better.

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