BTS’s Historic White House visit to Condemn anti-Asian Discrimination

The members of the K-Pop supergroup BTS’s held a White House press conference on Tuesday to address Asian inclusion and representation, as well as hate crimes against Asian Americans, in order to raise awareness about the frequency of anti-Asian discrimination. The South Korean chart-topping duo came to the James S. Brady Briefing Room wearing matching black suits and ties as part of a visit to discuss major issues such as hate crimes against Asian Americans and also about Asian inclusion and diversity.

Inside Events from BTS’s White House Visit

Long before the daily press briefing, a swarm of eager journalists crowded the aisles of the White House briefing room. The White House was transformed into an exclusive stage for the global K-pop phenomenon. The administration had invited the group to raise awareness of anti-Asian discrimination. In recent weeks, officials from the Biden administration have met with Asian American groups for roundtable discussions and other meetings to examine the violence.

The members of the K-pop group then took turns briefly going up to the podium to deliver their speeches.

BTS’ Jimin told reporters through an interpreter, “The recent spike in hate crimes, particularly hate crimes against Asian Americans, has left us devastated. We’d like to use this chance to speak out once more in order to put a stop to this and support the cause.” Suga further stated, “Being different isn’t a bad thing. When we open up and welcome all of our diversity, equality emerges.” In the wake of a surge of anti-Asian hate criminal offences in the United States, including the shooting crimes involved at three Atlanta-area spas, The K-Pop supergroup spoke out about their own discriminatory experience.

What really happened during their meeting with President Biden?

They were given a tour of the White House before the briefing, and then had a closed-door meeting with the president in the Oval Office which is designated as Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, after their star turn in the briefing room. According to a White House official, The Korean band members also filmed footage with the White House digital team and took a tour of the grounds before joining the news briefing.

The group’s meeting with Biden — which, for some reason, was closed to press coverage — was the latest example of the White House using celebrities to draw attention to important issues. ” The importance of diversity and inclusion, as well as BTS’ platform as youth ambassadors who transmit a message of optimism and positivity around the world,” the White House noted.

So This is How The BTS Army Reacted to their visit!

BTS fans, known as the ARMY, praised the group’s effect on social media during their tour. One of their followers posted on Twitter “I’m not Korean, but hearing @BTS twt speak Korean from the White House is so emotional. I can’t tell you how proud I am of them as an Asian American!”  The K-pop supergroup’s ‘’historic” White House visit to combat anti-Asian discrimination and their meeting with President Joe Biden as part of a visit to address Asian inclusion and representation earned a lot of love from their fans.

The K-pop band is known for empowering young people through their lyrics and social efforts. BTS isn’t new to the political scene. To enhance global diplomacy, the United Nations designated Korean band members as special presidential envoys for future generations and cultures. In addition, the organisation shot a video with Vice President Joe Biden and held a news conference on anti-Asian hate crimes. The Grammy-nominated boy band expressed gratitude to their “army” of fans for their continued support and commended their diversity.

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