16 Substitutes for an Expensive RV

Recreational vehicles are a great resource for going out and enjoying the summer in different places. But as great they are, they come with similar drawbacks. The drawbacks include being expensive, space-consuming and a guzzle up gas like an empty well. In addition to that, sometimes you might need yet another vehicle to pull it around town. These drawbacks are just enough to make you question your decision of owning an RV. In order to enjoy the same facilities as an RV without owning one, we have brought you a few substitutes for the same.

Substitutes for an Expensive RV


You’re giving yourself a moderate measure of room for dozing and no conveniences like a toilet or kitchen. Yet, you have accessibility to your vehicle’s lights, radio, electrical plugs, and different highlights. Likewise, it creases up and stows in a Subaru Outback glove compartment, Honda Fit, Toyota Prius and Legacy, or different hatchbacks.

Rightline Gear Truck Tent

Pickups are extraordinary. However, setting up camp vehicles isn’t so incredible for resting out under the stars when the bugs are gnawing. This floorless tent clasps directly onto a pickup truck’s bed, rest two and give a cross-section screen perspective on the night sky. Toss in the brand’s truck pneumatic bed, and you have yourself some versatile resting quarters. The makers of the tent make similar tents for SUV owners as well.

Napier Sportz Dome to Go

An arch tent that appends to a hatchback or SUV with a sleeve, this tent is ideal for closely following what it’s worth for a few days of the vehicle camp. Complete with a downpour overhang and 17 square feet of room, this gives you a smidgen of a room without requiring a ton of work to set up or separate.

Kodiak Canvas Truck Tent

The normal tents are not compatible with all trucks. This tent comes in different sizes to fit pretty much any pickup truck and is made of watertight material that can reach out over the rear end, if fundamental. With a 5-foot roof, five windows, and rails that interface right to the truck bed, this universally handy tent can save a get-away when the climate is not exactly great.

Thule Tepui Explorer Ayer 2Tent

These types of tents are better known as Rooftop tents and originated in Australia. The sole purpose of these tents is to keep the user above ground. You essentially append it to a vehicle’s rooftop rack, fix a few ties, join posts and the included stepping stool, and you’re finished.

Davis Tent Company Wall Tent

These tents are best suited for people who like to spend time out in the open for a decent amount of time. Furnished with wood ovens, vinyl ground surface and space for up to four individuals, these tents are prepared to withstand the components while giving some additional solace in the high nation.

Coachmen Clipper Camping Trailer

This is a lesser version of the Express Tent, with the capacity to accommodate two people. This lacks the spacious quality of an Express and hence comes without a stove, dinette, storage, shower, toilet and sleeping room.

Maggiolina Carbon Fibre

As the name suggests, this tent is made of Carbin Fibre. Hence has the qualities of the material, i.e. lightweight and strength. This can accommodate two people, likewise puts 4 inches of protection among campers and their vehicle while putting them on 3.5 inches of a rich, fluffy sleeping pad.

Forest River Flagstaff Tent Camper

It’s a tent trailer, yet it’s significantly greater than a portion of the others on this rundown. Beginning at 1,465 pounds for the 12-foot base model and more than 2,400 pounds for the decked-out 17-footer, you’ll need somewhere around a little SUV to pull it. All things considered, even the base floor plans have a capacity trunk, spring sleeping cushion, a slide-out dinette, and a force lift framework. Paying more gets you ventilation fans, taller facilities, an electric water siphon, a canopy, cooling, USB ports, and that’s just the beginning.

Big Woody Ultimate Teardrop Camper

Tear campers have a very small appearance. However, when you outfit them with a TV/DVD player, double sinks, a bed, a fridge, cupboards, and cedar-lined storage rooms, they can get outrageously rich in a rush. Huge Woody will sell you instant trailers, or you could settle up to $900 for a unit and fabricate it yourself.

Fleet Truck Camper

Four-Wheel Campers feels comfortable around slide-in pickup campers. However, this model that finds a way into the bed of the  Chevrolet Colorado, Toyota Tacoma, and other little trucks are extraordinary. This weighs around 1,045 pounds vacant and accommodates a few grown-ups or a bed and lounge chair. There’s a sink, oven, ledges, 6 feet, 4 inches of headroom, and choices from a cooler to a water cleansing framework.

Meerkat Camper

A product of Little Guy Trailers weighs only 900 pounds. This implies, pretty much any four-cylinder vehicle with a hitch can pull it. The full kitchen has a seating region that changes into a bed, stockpiling under the seats, a cooler, a sink, a 120-volt electrical framework with outlets, wood cupboards and a full wardrobe. For the somewhat tall individuals for this minuscule trailer, there’s a spring up top that gives some additional room.

Cricket Trailer

A 15-foot tent-trailer hybrid from Taxa Outdoors with one axle gauges all 1,500 pounds and can be easily manoeuvred by SUV or a four-cylinder vehicle. With space for two grown-ups and two children, various windows, a spring up vent, sunlight based boards, battery or outlet electrical framework, LED lighting, and a kitchen sink with plumbing hookups, it has a ton of RV conveniences. It does, in any case, get outrageously near RV evaluating.

Northstar Laredo Truck Camper

You will require a hardcore, 3/4-ton truck, for example, the Ford F-250 Super Duty, Ram 2500HD, or a Chevrolet Silverado 2500, to hold it, yet those with the payload limit concerning this 2,100-pound camper get a deal. A full dinette, kitchen (with three-burner oven and cooler), full wardrobe, restroom (with shower and latrine), swing-away table, and four windows. You needn’t bother with a full RV if your truck as of now is one.

Safari Condo Alto-R Trailer

Tall campers and trailers don’t generally go well. Yet, the Alto R considers this with a retractable aluminium rooftop that expands the tallness to almost 7 feet. The aluminium body keeps the trailer’s weight to under 1,900 pounds while lodging conveniences, including two feasting regions, a flush latrine, shower, space and water radiator, fridge, oven, sink, power plugs, and LED lighting. It’s compact enough to fit in many carports, however light enough to be pulled by most vehicles and SUVs.

Converted School Buses 

Regardless of who you are, if you are looking forward to travelling with comfort, these converted school buses might be the next big thing for you. With the seats detached, full-sized and short school transports have a lot of space for cots, showers, full kitchens and different conveniences. Schoolies are their own subculture, yet a speedy registration to Bus Life Adventure can help you track down your own adventure.

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