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Casco Bay Lines is a ship administration that provides year-round tourist, cargo, postal, and automobile ship services to the Casco Bay islands from Portland, Maine. Our ships have been transporting people from Portland to the islands of Casco Bay for more than 150 years. Casco Bay Lines is your pleasant, safe, solid, and helpful association with the islands, whether you are driving, coming for a day, staying for a long trip, or enjoying one of our scenic or music travels. Our regularly scheduled ship operates 365 days a year. Furthermore, our speciality trips allow all riders to get away from the crowds and enjoy what our guests and residents have known for decades: the beauty of Casco Bay. Casco Bay Lines is new to you? Examine our schedules and costs, choose your travel or island destination, purchase your ticket at the terminal, and enjoy the ride!

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The whole Casco Bay Island Transit District (CBITD) team is deeply committed to the island networks we serve, which rely on us for access to the central area. We have worked tirelessly throughout COVID-19 to achieve our primary goal of providing this assistance. Due to risks associated with COVID-19, CBITD has altered its operations to guarantee the safety of our clients, representatives, and networks.

If it’s not too much bother, familiarise yourself with the following before visiting our terminal or boarding one of our vessels:

  • Regardless of inoculation status, U.S. government legislation requires all individuals to wear coverings on public transit and at transportation centre points. Refusing to agree constitutes a violation of government law. On June 10, the CDC said they would change their Order so that it no longer makes a difference while outside. Inside our terminal offices, while boarding and debarking, and inside the traveller lodges locally available our vessels, CBL will continue to demand all people to wear veils. The CDC authorizes CBL to allow persons who have not been fully vaccinated to continue wearing masks.
  • Beginning May 1, 2021, Maine’s COVID-19 travel plan will automatically exclude visitors from all states that the Maine CDC has not identified as being at high risk of being subjected to testing and isolating requirements under the Moving Maine Forward Plan.
  • CBITD will continue to work and until we are entirely unsuitable to do so. We warn clients to be aware that functional changes, including further reductions in administration, may occur due to the pandemic.

Casco Bay Lines Reduce Service for Fall Season Beginning August 29

On August 18, 2020, the Casco Bay Island Transit District (CBITD) announced that assistance would be reduced for the upcoming fall season, which begins on Saturday, August 29, 2020.

The necessity for CBITD to work under a modified customary assistance plan continues due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. Compared to the current modified summer plan that we have been running since June 27, this most recent version addresses a modest drop in traveller administration to both the Down bay islands and Peaks Island and one less vehicle ship, rush Peaks. With Labor Day arriving and the start of the fall season approaching, many of our part-time employees are preparing to return to school, and we anticipate a drop in riding. The changes to the calendar will allow CBITD to operate with fewer whole groups during the upcoming slow season while also continuing with the core activities of isolating teams to reduce the risk of a full suspension of all support. Our first concern is the safety and security of our travellers and agents.

Please be aware that COVID-19 has influenced CBITD actions. We strongly advise you to review the functional upgrades before visiting our terminal or boarding one of our vessels. We’ve devised several strategies to ensure that all aspects of travel’s identity are protected by these advancements designed to protect our clients, reps, and networks. This includes the accumulation of a Casco Bay Lines “Representative” in the terminal and on select ferries to assist with illuminating all of the need to follow State orders related to the consistent use of material masks and the need to maintain at least six feet of actual separation from others at all times, including while loading, debarking, recovering cargo at the docks, and keeping in mind that in progress. We will continue to use the “Ambassador” position during the fall season.

Casco Bay Lines Services

Casco Bay Lines Increased Service on June 27

Today, the Casco Bay Island Transit District announced that assistance would be expanded beginning June 27, 2020. This most recent modification restores administration to CBITD’s regular winter plan, which was in place before COVID-19 reduced administration in March. Throughout the pandemic, we have prioritized the safety and security of our travellers and employees. Several minor changes were made to allow CBITD to continue segregating groups and reduce the likelihood of a suspension.

The number of daily journeys, including motor ship administration, will nearly double due to this adjustment. Furthermore, while top season prices were supposed to increase on April 18, CBITD postponed the increase. The rate growth is scheduled to take effect on Saturday, July 11, 2020, with the re-visitation of customary assistance. Tickets are expensive if purchased 60 days later. If it’s not too much difficulty, know that COVID-19 is causing CBITD actions to be altered. Before visiting our terminal or boarding one of our vessels, we recommend reviewing the functional upgrades listed above on this page. According to the provisions of the Governor’s state-wide “Remain Safer at Home” Executive Order 49, which were expanded in “An Order to Implement the Restarting Plan Further.” CBITD requires that all people present at our offices or locally available vessels wear fabric masks consistently.

We additionally request that clients proceed to keep up with no less than six feet of actual separation from others at whatever point conceivable, including while at the same time loading up, debarking, recovering cargo at the docks, and keeping in mind that in progress on the vessel. As the state advances through its returning arrangement, we perceive that CBITD should likewise take brilliant, slow strides to offer support for those going for purposes allowed under the Governor’s requests. Our whole group is profoundly devoted to doing so securely for the benefit of the island networks we serve, which rely upon us for admittance to the central area.

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