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Travelers who enjoy an inflight beverage on their flight will have to wait a little longer to purchase one on American Airlines. Following its June boycott of inflight alcohol sales. The plane said today that it would extend the embargo until January 2024. In compliance with the new deadline for the government’s cover order lifting. Following a series of lousy inflight behavior in recent months, American Airlines has made the perhaps wise decision not to allow alcohol to add to the difficulties already faced by its flying stewards. The aircraft had previously stated that it would not continue to offer local liquor bargains until September 13th, when the government cover order was expected to expire.

Despite this, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) decided to extend the veil order until January 18th. The basis for the enhancement was the increased pervasiveness of the more contagious delta variant. As a result, in compliance with the new timeframe, America has widened its alcohol boycott. Travelers in first and business class will continue to be served alcohol.

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In any case, American Airlines has not served alcohol to its passengers since June of this year, following an increase in incidents involving defenseless travelers. When Americans imposed restrictions on alcohol sales in June. It stated that the boycott would continue until to withdrew the cover order. It is still honoring that promise today. Only Southwest Airlines, in addition to American Airlines, has banned the sale of local alcohol on its planes. Southwest hasn’t said whether it would extend the boycott by the cover order date. Like Delta, United, and Alaska Airlines, other major US carriers continue to serve alcohol to their economy passengers.

Restrictions on Alcohol

The United States, in particular, creates the image of being a hub for bad visitor behavior. There have been incidents of traveler rudeness, savagery, attacks on lodge groups, and, of course, channel tape in the recent past. The FAA is well aware of this in general. The Administration would receive between 100 and 150 logged incidents of obnoxious passenger behavior in a typical year. It has effectively received reports of just over 3,900 instances throughout the first eight months of this current year. The FAA is not merciful in its response, handing these outlaws a large sum of money in fines.

The FAA has issued fines totaling more than one million dollars this year. Only 34 travelers racked up a significant chunk of the penalty, totaling over a million dollars. However, these instances are rarely, if ever, linked to alcohol. The FAA claims that 2,867 cases it has registered include people who refuse to follow the government’s cover command. Overall, it’s tough to see how limiting the sale of alcohol will help, especially when passengers can still drink before boarding the plane. This will be a significant loss of supplemental revenue for American Airlines and Southwest. However, it’s a penance worth performing if it helps their lodge team stay safe on the plane.

American Airlines

The airline is also attempting to regulate alcoholic sales at select airports.

According to Frantz, American Airlines is also “making progress” in negotiating with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to restrict the sale of to-go liquor drinks in specified airports. In her reminder, she specifically mentioned Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Although FAA laws prohibit passengers from consuming alcohol on flights not provided by the aircraft. FAA Administrator Steve Dickson said to-go refreshments at airports might confuse passengers, especially since some airlines have limited in-flight deals. The mask mandate for planes has also been prolonged to next year.

The United States’ cover command on available transportation is due to expire on January 18th. The Transit Security Administration (TSA) said on August 17th that it would extend veil requirements on US federal transportation until exactly one year from now. This order has been in impact since January 2021, and it mandates all passengers on planes and in airports wear face masks. According to Simple Flying, American Airlines has stated that it will continue to prohibit alcohol sales in the main lodge until the TSA’s veil mandate is lifted authoritatively.

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