The Future of the Plastic Waste Crisis is in the hands of 20 Companies

Do we know how much plastic waste is present in the world right now? Did you know there are mainly two companies globally that create more than half of plastic waste present? There is a big corporate world behind all this plastic waste that harms our planet. There are almost 20 companies that can handle the future of the plastic waste crisis.

A study said that there are around 1000 factories that produce single-use plastics. There are millions of plastics thrown away on the land a day globally. That includes plastic bottles, Polythene, Packaging etc.

With this pandemic, single-use plastic waste has been jumping in numbers. All these single-use mask and bottles and what not has just increased plastic waste on this planet. So, we need to understand how deadly the situation is for the earth and start using alternatives for plastics.

The research also reveals that the UK produces 40kg of plastic waste per person per year. The UK stands in 4th place for generating plastic waste. So, you can calculate how much other countries create waste which stands 1st and 2nd in the line. (Australia is at the top for producing plastic waste, and the United State stays at second position.)

The previous research is done to track the number of plastics spreading through the supply chains. We have started with the manufacturers who make the materials for single-use plastics. The secret, deadly ingredient which these manufactures make is POLYMERS that are produced by processing fossil fuels.

Responsible for creating such single-use plastics

The 20 companies that are held responsible for creating such single-use plastics are as follow:

  1. ExxonMobil
  2.  Sinopec 
  3.  Dow
  4.  China Resources
  5. Braskem
  6. PetroChina
  7. Saudi Aramco
  8. Indorama Ventures
  9.  PTT 
  10. Formosa Plastics Corporation
  11. China Energy Investment Group
  12. Jiangsu Hailun Petrochemical
  13. Alpek SA de CV
  14. Reliance Industries
  15. LyondellBasell
  16. Lotte Chemical
  17. Borealis
  18. Far Eastern New Century
  19. Total
  20. INEOS

It is essential to influence the single-use plastics manufacturers to produce plastics that can recycle, then creating them from fossil fuels.

To turn the tables around and to take a step forward for the earth. We need to build plastics from recycled materials.

Researches also suggest that there will be an increase of around 30 per cent in the span of the next five years in the pile of plastic waste.

It is severe for the world if the plastic waste keeping on adding up in bulk. Petrochemical companies need to step towards economic alternatives to lower the percentage of plastic waste in the world.

We have adapted to this plastic world so much that we don’t think about a plastic-free world anymore. If we start using the alternatives and if the manufactures of plastics start using recycled plastics, we can gift the environment and ecosystem a plastic less earth.

The companies responsible for such plastic wastes are also planning to take a step forward to lessen the plastics from the world.

 They are planning to start using the recycling method to manufacture their plastic material. The companies are also re-thinking about not producing polymers from fossil fuels.

“We are also working on advanced recycling solutions that create and capture value from plastic waste with opportunities for lower overall greenhouse gas emissions over the full life cycle of the plastic.” the companies say.

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Some companies also suggested their way of chemically recycling plastic to eliminate extra plastic waste. They also added that if everyone understands recycling and the harm of plastic to the world, we humans can fight it and start using alternatives and recycle plastics from plastics to keep the level low of plastic wastes. The sooner we realize the harm of plastic, the better we live and breathe properly. We have no idea how much pollution generates because of plastic waste. One step effort from our end can make this planet from the future of plastic waste crisis to become a better place. So, it is better to unite and understand what is good for the world and what is not.

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