How to Be Environmentally Conscious at Home?

Stay at the place you are at right now, take a turn and count how much plastic you can see. I guess I made my point. Are we not surrounded by plastics? The same plastic is harming our mother nature. From daily grocery, you pick to garbage bags everything is plastic, and we are using it know all the facts.  Did you know that there are around 51 trillion pieces of plastic drowned in the world’s oceans? So now it’s up to you what you want to choose? A plastic-free environment or an environment that is killing marine life. To be Environmentally Conscious at Home is the minimum way you can show your care for the planet.

If you really want to know why it’s high time to be eco-friendly, to let you know the planet is at the urge of crisis due to the plastic use by companies and households. There are alternatives that we are already aware of still not use them. So, let’s remind ourselves about the other options for plastic and make a switch for real.

Environmentally Conscious at Home
Environmentally Conscious at Home

What Are The Alternatives to Our Daily Use of Plastic?

Have you ever tried using Beeswax paper instead of those plastic wraps and Ziploc bags for storing things, especially food items?

The best ways you can store your grocery can be some glass jars or beeswax paper and stasher bags. 

If you still prefer using a Ziploc bag, you can at least try reusing it to store items by washing it properly after one use. Some alternative you can buy for yourself from the online stores as per your requirements.

What Other Measures Can You Take To Be Environmentally Conscious at Home?

Start with keeping an extra bin for recycling plastic. Try not to mix it up with dirty garbage so you can try reusing or recycling it. But, you would also need to check once with your city and their availability with what they recycle.

How about a Compost Bin?

 If you do not like the idea of piling up waste in the backyard well, I have a better solution for you. You can get a bin from the market, especially for compost, that you can place under your sink—Remember to cover it with a cover to avoid the smell from the compost bin. Compost Bins are used to breaking down the organic materials till it becomes something that can be used in your garden soil. 

Reusable Bags, I love those tote reusable bags. They go perfect with any outfit so, why would you mind looking great to a grocery story than carrying loads of plastics in your hand. These bags are great because you can wash and reuse them. So, surf some over the internet, and you might find a bag that suits you.

Water is the essential part of our mother nature and, as we all know, consists mainly of the Earth. So, while harming marine life by pouring garbage and plastic into the water, let us start using energy and water-efficient goods to avoid plastic.

Although it will be an expensive investment, it works for years. Switching eco-conscious toilets, washers, bulbs, and dishwashers can save a lot more on your electricity and water bill than you have imagined.

Shop Local! You can not even calculate how much packaging plastic waste you can save if you start shopping locally. I know it’s easy to scroll through apps and order online but, we fail to see how much plastic is wasting in the packaging of your one item. So, try stepping out, going for a walk in nature also give your mind rest and start shopping locally.

I picked up some most used alternatives that one can switch to quickly; you can look up more reusable and recyclable things to use instead of hard-core plastic, and let’s do our part to save the planet, our Mother Nature.

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