An overnight storm puts 300,000 customers in the dark

The Northeast lost power to nearly 300,000 customers during an overnight storm.

Power outages were also a problem, with at least 300,000 homes and businesses losing control in the hurricane’s path, mainly in Ohio and Tennessee. Thousands of others in Pennsylvania, Vermont and Maine reported power outages after the overnight storm. The spring storm caused power outages throughout the northeastern U.S. states, with more than a foot of snow falling.   

What happened on Thursday night?

On Thursday, a significant storm will bring dangerous layers of ice to roads in the South and parts of the Midwest before causing heavy snow in the Northeast. New York. The storm, which is expected to last for days, took much of the East Coast by surprise with its ferocious speed, with lightning, thunder and massive sleet that washed thousands of road, rail and air travellers ashore and left them behind. Under more than 300,000 customers. 

Thursday near the nation’s capital without electricity. More than 300,000 customers from Texas to Pennsylvania were without power Thursday night as a severe winter storm continued eastward across the U.S., bringing snow, sleet and freezing rain to the U.S. Midwest and East. Single-digit temperatures, snow and sleet, were seen in northern Texas after eight days of freezing temperatures led to massive power outages that plunged Texas into darkness and killed more than 240 people.    

The last major winter storm will hit eastern New England Friday as morning rain turns to freezing rain, sleet and snow, and evening temperatures drop to 20 degrees. The fast-moving winter storm that hit parts of Kentucky and Virginia will cause widespread destruction in the Northeast Friday and Saturday, dropping 4 to 12 inches of snow in significant cities.    

More than seven million Americans are on a winter weather alert, and about 300,000 are on a blizzard alert Sunday morning amid a massive storm system that covered parts of the western plains with snow and spawned strong tornadoes in Texas. Several other northeastern states have received winter storm warnings from the National Weather Service (NWS).   

What do the Weather experts say?

The National Weather Service said the New York State Binghamton area received 14.2 inches of snow, breaking April’s record for the most snowfall in two days. Forecasts predicted snow falling at rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour overnight, with over a foot of snow lost in parts of New York in the morning. One person tweeted “happy spring” and a video clip of snow falling on their bridge. Even though most areas actually snowed, the NWS effectively maintains a winter season weather warning and a wind warning for some major regions of New York State.    

Video The storm, which spread from Texas to New York, brought heavy snow and freezing rain to much of the country, blocking thousands of flights and cutting off power in several states. Much of the Northeast is on a similar boat, resigned to recurring storms as a weather phenomenon off the coast called the North Atlantic Oscillation creates older air and causes more snow than usual.

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