Sony new generation AI making user experience better with time

Tokyo, Japan- Sony Corporation (“Sony”) declared the establishment of Sony AI. This organization has offices globally in Japan, the United States, and Europe. Sony new generation will advance the fundamental development and research of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Their goal is to fill the world with passion and emotion through the influence of creativity and technology. Sony AI will establish with the mission to unleash human imagination and creativity with AI. It has been identified AI will play a crucial role in fulfilling this goal.

The Sony AI will combine world-class fundamental research and development with its unique technological assets. Above all, in driving transformation overhead all current business domains, Robotics and Entertainment (Games, Movies, and Music), Imaging and Sensing Solutions, and adding to the production of new business domains. Along with this, contributing to the intention of shared global concerns reaching beyond Sony’s business domain has been one of the long-term goals of Sony’s AI.

Sony new-generation AI will accelerate the research and development of AI in physical and virtual locations through various world-class flagship projects and other research papers to explore, including AI ethics.

Upcoming Sony New Generation Projects

Initially, three flagship projects will be launched by Sony AI in the sectors of gastronomy, gaming, and imaging and sensing. Adapting new AI technologies developed with the help of these flagship projects will be crucial in increasing the benefit of Sony’s gaming and sensor businesses in the next few years. This research will continue in collaboration with the related Sony Group business units.

Sony is looking forward to working with global AI talents to draw world-class AI engineers and researchers, run these projects, and accomplish innovative research. Sony believes that an exceptional innovation needs a variety of capabilities, expertise, and methods. This will be shown in the arrangement and performance of Sony AI. Sony AI will provide society with the advancement of AI that is honest, clear, and liable by realizing the power and impact of AI technologies.

Hiroaki Kitano, the President & CEO of Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.; Corporate Executive, Sony Corporation will direct the Sony AI globally, and Peter Stone will manage the American one.

About Peter Stone

One of the most extensively cited researchers in Reinforcement Learning and

Robotics academic papers. David Bruton Jr. Centennial Professor of Computer

Science at Austin in the University of Texas. Thought Award winner (2007),

Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow (2004-2006), AAAI Fellow, Fulbright Scholar (2008-2009), Guggenheim Fellow, and Winner of IJCAI Computers

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Sony’s AI subsidiary is developing smarter opponents and teammates for PlayStation games

Sony built a subsidiary unobtrusively in 2019 and devotes to researching artificial intelligence. The company’s plans regarding this technology have always been a little unclear, but some more information is recently provided in the corporate strategy meeting.

Kenichiro Yoshida gave a strategy presentation that says that Sony AI has started collaborating with PlayStation. It will provide us with more lavish and delightful game experiences. And by leveraging reinforcement learning, Game AI Agents are being develop that can take the place of a player’s in-game opposing player or collaboration partner.

This is what you would expect from a collaboration between Sony’s AI team and PlayStation, and it is always great to have a confirmation. Reinforcement learning depends on try-outs and errors to teach AI agents how to perform the tasks. It has confirmed it is a genuine choice for video game environments, where agents are capable of running at high speeds under close inspection. It has been the centre of heavy research like DeepMind’s StarCraft II AI.

Other big hi-tech companies that have gaming interests like Microsoft are exploring this field too. In contrast, Microsoft is named as researching purely. Sony sounds more concentrated on taking this research out of the labs into practical use like video games, pronto. The consequences would be more competent opponents as well as smarter teammates.

This was only just one single part of the presentation. Although, in this, Sony presented several plans for future development.

Here are other purposes listed below.

  • Make more Sony games into movies and TV shows: This can be done by the PlayStation Production subsidiary of the company. Sony has given an example in which Tom Holland is starring as Nathan Drake in an upcoming Uncharted film.
Grow the PlayStation Network
  • Grow the PlayStation Network, PlayStation Now, and PS Plus networks- The company claims to connect with approximately 160 million users. Meanwhile, it wants to increase that number to 1 billion. Who would not want to have more customers? Reaching the number of users will mean that the company need to grow its online services and subscriptions. PlayStation Plus, which is steady but is not growing explosively. It is fascinating to match this with a massive push in subscription gaming of Microsoft by Xbox Game Pass.

Expand Sony’s first-party titles and franchises to mobile- PlayStation has a massively diverse 1st party IP which may transit to AAA games or live games as per notes. Well, there was an attempt by Sony which could not make much difference. They establish a subsidiary dedicated to make smartphone games in 2016.

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