NEW FEATURE ALERT: Apple Accidentally Leaks Cool New Apple Watch Feature

The watchOS 8 update for Apple Watch includes a new Reflect feature that’s designed to help smartwatch wearers feel better throughout the day.

The Apple Watch is gaining a new Reflect feature that can help the wearer improve their mode throughout the day, courtesy of the latest watchOS 8 updates. Apple has placed a greater emphasis on health well-being features in recent years, with the Breathe app on Apple Watch a prime example. Apple’s Breathe app is a built-in feature that had been available for most Apple Watch iterations and has continued to evolve. The Breathe app served as a staple health reminder app ever since it was first introduced with watchOS 3.


 Its primary function was to simply remind users to stop whatever they were doing and engage in a basic breathing exercise with the help of on-screen prompts. 

This visually stimulating session aims to guide users in a series of inhales and exhales in an attempt to calm them. 

Although the aging app isn’t as sensor or tech-driven as some of the other Apple Watch health monitoring features. The recent update hopes to remedy this by providing more functionality than before.

In a recent press release, Apple announced that the Breathe app will become the Mindfulness app after updating the Apple Watch to watchOS 8. 

The app’s breathing reminders and exercises will integrate alongside a new Reflect feature.

 Aside from implementing new animations to help visually stimulate users to relax. It also provides worded insight to reflect and meditate on, as the user carries on their breathing exercise. 

All of which now be accessing within a single interface.


What sets the Mindfulness app apart from the WatchOS 8’s slew of new features is its simplistic yet purposeful design. 

It works similar to the existing Breathe app, albeit with more aesthetically pleasing visuals and the added Reflect option. Like before, users can specify how often they want to be reminded by the Mindfulness app. But now they can also cycle between alternating Breathe and Reflect sessions. 

In the Settings app, users can choose as little as one-minute intervals between each session. Or even mute the reminder altogether. 

The Breathe session features upgraded visuals, Yet still carries out the usual breathing exercises which also display the user’s heart rate.

Utilizing the Reflect option provides the wearer with a short phrase to ponder on. Such as “think about something you love to do and why it gives you joy. Though ,” followed by a soothing visual that invites them to breathe calmly while reflecting. With the help of both the Breathe and Reflect sessions. The Mindfulness app is designed to promote better overall wellbeing by constantly instilling its users with positive thinking throughout the day. 

While it might not have evolved into the stress-management app many might want. It still offers wearers a reason to update their Apple Watch to the latest version.

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