Traveling and exploring places has been every individual’s desire to express both happiness and sadness. In this modern world, the growth of technology has brought the possibility of getting things done right from where we are. The modernization has made not just travel but also all the variants related to it very seamless. Airbnb is the first option that comes to our minds when we think of this topic, isn’t it? But then there are many more to it. 

1. TripAdvisor

If we look for the most trusted, oldest, and largest website against Airbnb, the first choice will undoubtedly be TripAdvisor. 

The company has been gulping up the other companies’ rental properties and apartments. These include Holiday lettings, FlipKey, and HouseTrip.

Adding up all these properties together with those that TripAdvisor possesses, its total possessions come up to 8,30,000 – 1 million that too in more than 190 countries worldwide.

 This has become an added advantage to the clients as there is absolutely no shortage for booking throughout the year. 


One of the most familiar and well-known sites that anyone could have used is Its astonishing deals, along with cancellation policies with less or no charge, have made it people’s preferable choice. 

Still, many are not aware of the possibility of booking even the properties for rent on the website itself.

This includes the apartments and luxury villas in the home city or country and makes it possible for you to book your property anywhere in the world.

3. Trivago

Trivago is a company based in Germany. It gives a comparison of prices of more than 1.8 million hotels from 400+ booking websites. Although it deals with 1.8 million, it is still seen as less than, which isn’t listed here.

Despite its comparatively fewer resources, its familiarity among the public is pretty strong, and hence it stands in the fourth rank among the top traveling websites.

4. Vrbo (Later taken over by Expedia)

From 1995, one of the very earliest websites that initiated connecting travelers with apartment beholders was Vrbo. It stands for Vacation Rentals By Owners. Presently, it is owned and managed by the renowned Expedia Group.

Recently in the year 2019, VRBO was newly branded from VRBO to Vrbo, meaning ver-boy. And following this newness, properties from other properties owned by Expedia were added to the list of Vrbo to unify all their vacation rentals into a single website. 

And thus, they have more significantly expanded their property listing numbers. Vrbo indeed takes pride in its additional properties that are not listed among other competitors such as Airbnb. 

5. Plum Guide

Initiated in the year 2016, Plum Guide is a company that presently offers more than 10,000 apartments and properties on rent for vacations. Although the company is based in London, Plum Guide has situated its properties in almost all the major cities and tourist-attracting places such as Paris, Los Angeles, etc.

Its expansion has been more significant, and currently, Plum Guide has situated its properties even in smaller towns and rural areas.

Although the rental website for Plum Guide and Airbnb vacations is identical, there is a vast difference in the way the former deals with the properties. Plum Guide is very conscientious when it comes to the properties listed under them.

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