Let’s get your refund for the faulty/damaged product you received from Amazon

Amazon is one of the most used website/app by users. The great deals and offers on Amazon are crazy but, what to do if you receive a faulty item from them. Obviously, they did not plan to send a damaged product to your doorstep but, it happened, and now it is all about getting a refund for the faulty item. Right? 

Your return will depend on many things; for example, if your item can be returned and refunded or that particular product policy can only replace it, the procedures vary from seller to seller.

How to return an item on Amazon?

  1. Go to amazon’s website and direct to Returns Support Center and choose ‘return items’. It will ask you which order to return; you would have to find your order either by searching or manually and click on ‘return item from this order.’
  2. Now, click on the product you want to return and enter the number of items. You will see a box for ‘Reasons for your return’ That offers t=you to add more information about your item. (If your return submission gets approval from the seller, they will send you all the procedures and label for the return.) Once you receive the label and return documents, you would need to get the print.
  3. Make a package with a faulty product, the return documents, and the label on its top and courier it.

How to get a refund, and when will I receive it?

How you will get your refund depends on how the payment method you choose for buying the item. You can get instant rebates either to your credit card or a gift card, depending on what payment method you decided at the time of buying. You will anyway need to return the damaged item within 30 days.

(The refund might not display on your card statement for at least 5 to 7 business day, although your instant refund request gets process immediately.

So, for example, if you made a payment through a payment card, your refund gets instantly refunded into your card or given to you as a gift card wholly depends on the purchased item. It might also take 5-7 business days to receive your refund but, it does not take more than that. While if you shopped through an amazon gift card, then you will be given a refund on your amazon gift card only in around 1-2 business days.

Even after seven days, your refund does not come to you; you would directly either have to mail or call amazon customer care. Amazon will provide you with your refund on items sold by amazon and not seller up to some delivery cost if the item you received was damaged or defective, such as returning shoes, garments or accessories etc.

What about free returns?

Yes, sometimes Amazon lets you return the damaged item for free. (The item needs to say free returns’ for the product only. It will be eligible for a free return.)

The products sold by Amazon will be notified for their return via mail to your mail ID. (The delivery charges won’t be refunded)

There might a scenario if there is more than one product damaged and for a return request, and some of those items have free return while others do not. Then Amazon will be deducting the amount for the products that do not have a free return policy and will further transfer you the amount.

In any case, Amazon is a big company with millions of customers, and I do not think, so they will ever want to disappoint their customers. So lay back and relax; your refund must be on the way if you have filed a refund request.

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